Course Evaluations

2008-2009 Evaluation Results

ISBA has created these course evaluations to provide students with information to help them make more informed decisions when picking courses and shaping their legal education. These course evaluations are in addition to the current course evaluations that you fill out during class. The administration and faculty use the in-class evaluations in their tenure and other decision-making processes. We encourage you to continue to provide feedback on those evaluations. Your feedback on the in-class evaluations is valuable and an important way to make your voice heard to the faculty and administration. The ISBA evaluation is way to help your fellow students. To begin, please select your course from the list below. Thank you for your participation.


Fall 2009 Course Evaluations



Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I 



Contracts (Carrasco)



Corporations I (Alces) 



Criminal Procedure: Adjudication (Tomkovicz)


Law in the Muslim World (Wing)


Constitutional Law II (Pettys)



Professional Responsibility (Raymond)



Negotiations (Wetlaufer) 



Health Law (Kurtz) 



Contracts (Burton) 



Trust & Estates (Gallanis) 



Criminal Law in Context (Gruber)  



Property I (Matsumoto) 



Torts (Bohannan)



Property I (Kurtz) 



Contracts (Smith) 



Torts (Hovenkamp)



Antitrust (Hovenkamp) 



Basic Federal Income Tax (Ward) 



Debt Transaction (Bauer)



Evidence (Stensvaag) 



Family Law (Estin)



International Trade Law (Rossi)



Supreme Court Seminar (Pettys) 



Contracts (Linder)



Environmental Law (Stensvaag)



Constitutional Law II (Bonfield)



Income Taxation Estates & Trusts (Ward)



Copyrights (Bohannan)



Torts (Green)



Criminal Procedure: Investigation (Raymond)



Professional Responsibility (Schantz)



Arbitration: Law & Theory (Pitton)



Property II (VanderVelde) 



Comparative Constitutional Law (Somek)



Trusts & Estates (Gallanis)



Employment Law (Smith)



Law of Electronic Media (Johnson) 



Interest Based Negotiations (Gittler) 



Patent Law (Sease)



Federal Criminal Practice (Williams/Berry)



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