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Robinson and Scibona Finalists for 2008 National Book Awards

Monday, October 20, 2008

Congratulations to Workshop faculty member Marilynne Robinson and Workshop alumnus Salvatore Scibona (MFA 1999), who were both nominated for the 2008 National Book Award in Fiction.

Marilynne Robinson's novel Home was nominated for the prize; in the citation, the judges writes that, "Home demonstrates that quiet prose can contain ecstasies and quiet soul dramas of ragin moral intensity . . . Marilynne Robinson's fiction grapples with such issues as the nature of goodness and the limits of understanding, bringing to its explorations a spiritual precision and redemptive beauty."

Salvatore Scibona was nominated for The End, his first novel. In an interview on the National Book Award website, he shared that he worked on the book for ten years before it was finished, explaining, "I write long hand, then I type what I've written on a manual typewriter, then revise with pen, retype, rewrie, retrype, rewrite, and finally throw the whole thing away. The throwing away may be the most important part: I slowly learn what is true about the character by writing long passages that turn out to be mistaken in an instructive way."

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