The University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Comunication College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Making J-MC History...the Iowa way: A master's professional project by Joe Nugent

I hope you enjoy my history of the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Mine, I'm proud to say, is the first attempt to present that exceptional history in the form of a Web site. In addition to being a historical narrative, the site offers J-MC School alumni an opportunity to send via
e-mail memories of their time at the UI.

Completing this project would not have been possible without help from several people.

At the top of my list of helpers is Karla Tonella, Web master for the J-MC School. Karla was my primary source for the technical information I needed to build this Web site, and she always patiently answered my questions and made sure I understood what she was telling me. I owe you thanks many times over, Karla.

Thanks to my committee members, Professor Pam Creedon, J-MC School director and my committee chair; Professor Jane Singer; and Professor Mark Isham (UI College of Engineering and English Department). All three were helpful with their time, advice, suggestions for readings and other resources that could help me build this site, and enthusiasm for the project in general.

I especially would like to thank three of my fellow students, Justin Angeles, Mike Brunette, and Morgan Keedy. They were always glad to help and answered my many questions about the computer applications I needed to complete this project.

Thanks to Ryan Foley, former editor of The Daily Iowan and the man who made my semester in the fall of 2002 when he published the first story I'd ever submitted to a newspaper on the front page. Thanks to Jill Fishbaugh at the UI College of Education and to all my friends and former co-workers at The Associated Press in Des Moines and Iowa City.

And thanks to several J-MC School faculty and staff members including Kay Amert, Stacey Cone, Kate Corcoran, Carolyn Dyer, Ann Haugland, Don McLeese, Connie Peterson, Liz Pearce, Judy Polumbaum, and Jennifer Raghavan.

Historical sources:

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