Student Scholarship form

To apply for a scholarship to attend the Workshops, fill out this form, including the essay at the bottom of the page. Please submit this form by May 31 with registration and medical forms. Scholarship applications will not be considered without the other forms.

Student's name:



Year of graduation:

(Students who have just completed grades 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 may attend the Workshops.)


Limited scholarships are available. Please complete the following information. It will assist us in determining eligibility for the scholarships available through our office. Failure to provide information may result in denial of scholarships.

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Amount of aid requested (we offer partial and full scholarships):

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Use this space for other information you would like to provide concerning your financial need for this scholarship.

Workshop you hope to attend:

In 400 words or less, please explain why we should select you as the recipient of a scholarship to attend this summer's High School Journalism Workshop. In order to have a copy of your essay for yourself, we recommend that you type it in a word-processing program first and copy it into this space.