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Full Service Garment Rental Program


  • Computerized bar code technology:

By using a unique bar code label attached to each garment, we provide a level of inventory control unmatched in the industry. In 1987, the use of Bar Code Technology was a "first" in a national linen management program and offers unprecedented service to the customer.

  • Wide variety of garments available:

We offer shirts, pants, coveralls, dresses, smock, coats, pantsuits, jeans, and specialized OSHA protective garments - all top quality. If a garment is not in the inventory, we will work to provide it for the customer.

  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority:

The service charge fee per garment includes the initial employee fitting, altering and mending of garments.

Follow-up service includes refitting, mending, and tracking transfers from assigned work locations. We pick up soiled garments, launder and deliver clean garments throughout the business week.

Call 335-4940 to see how well our rental garments fit your departments.

To start a new service or to change existing services e-mail a Green Requistion for UHIC and Clinic. For all other departments e-mail a Blue Requisition to Supervisor - Garment Rental Program.

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