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The University of Iowa Laundry Service provides a wide range of laundry and linen support services for the Campus. A large portion of the work accomplished at the Laundry Service is in support of the Healthcare and Health Sciences Colleges and Departments. Our main healthcare service focus is supporting the University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics, College of Dentistry, College of Pharmacy and the Medical College. Other customers served include the Iowa Memorial Union, Residences Services, Food Service Departments, Facilities Services Group Units, Research Laboratories, Academic Colleges, and several off Campus medical clinics associated with the University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics. There are over 200 customer accounts being served by the Laundry Service to date.

The Laundry Service has been a service department at The University of Iowa since 1890. What began with washboards, wooden wash and rinse tubs, and clotheslines has become one of the most technologically advanced institutional laundries in the nation.

The Laundry Service moved into a new location on the Oakdale Campus. The new facility has provided the Laundry Service with a more efficient use of space and increased production and service to our customers. The new facility has a ceiling mounted monorail bagging system that allows movement of over one hundred pounds of laundry per bag.

Other features provided in this move are the automation of laundry production and linen tracking in real-time. The University of Iowa Laundry Service uses 450-pound washers-extractors and dryers that work in tandem with the monorail bagging system. All are software driven. The software applications run on a LAN Server located in the General Office. The management staff uses reports from these applications for daily and weekly production activities.

2000 Cross Park Road

Oakdale Campus

Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1502


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