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JCL Announces 2011 Symposium

On February 18th and 19th, 2011 the University of Iowa College of Law and The Journal of Corporation Law will host a symposium entitled "Reregulation and the Business more...

JCL and Iowa Law Review Announce Results of Food Drive


Suit Claims Bailout Violates Shareholder Rights

Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- American International Group Inc. violated shareholders' rights and Delaware law by accepting the federal government's bailout in exchange for a majority stake in the insurance company, an investor claimed in a lawsuit. read more...

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Writing & Academic Information
Upon satisfactory completion of the write-on requirement, you attain membership status and may identify yourself as a Journal of Corporation Law Member Student Writer on your resume. Membership status carries with it the obligation to attend authority checks, perform secondary hours as required, and meet writing deadlines. If you fail to maintain membership status, you should correct your resume immediately and notify previous interviewers of the change.

As a prerequisite to graduation, each student is required to complete four writing credits in their second and third years. Out of those four writing credits, the students can earn one from participation in Appellate Advocacy and two of the four must come from a faculty supervised program (e.g., classes or seminars). The journals are not considered faculty-supervised programs for the purposes of the writing credits. A student may receive no more than two writing credits from any of the College of Law journals. Each JCL writer will receive two writing credits upon successful completion of a Note and the secondary hours requirement.

Membership Requirements
Student Writers must complete thirty-five secondary hours each semester. Secondary hours can be completed by taking on Journal-related projects, typically assigned by the production staff, and by attendance at authority checks.

Secondary Hours Projects
"Secondary hours" represent time spent working for the Journal, including Authority Checks (A/Cs) and related tasks. The purposes of the secondary hours requirement are threefold. First, writers gain a greater understanding of the editorial process that, in turn, strengthens writing skills. Consequently, we urge writers to begin completing secondary hours early in each semester. Second, the projects provide writers with opportunities to interact with Journal editors. Interaction with Journal editors provides the staff with an informed basis for evaluation in the staff selection process. Therefore, working on projects with many different staff members will both enhance your knowledge of the production process and increase the likelihood that you will be selected to join the following year's editorial staff. Third, publishing a quarterly journal would be nearly impossible without the work writers do in completion of the secondary hours requirement. Without the student writers' help, producing the Journal and maintaining the high quality our readers expect would be extraordinarily difficult.

The Journal requires writers to complete thirty-five secondary hours each semester. Other than A/Cs, which are mandatory for all writers, writers are responsible for checking theJournal bulletin board for secondary hours available to fulfill the hours requirement. All writers are responsible for entering their secondary hours on their secondary hour cards. The cards are kept in a file on the Associate Editors' desk. Secondary hour projects should be completed in a timely manner with attention to detail. Writers should check with the staff and the Writer's Manual for instructions on specific projects. Any staff member may post a secondary hours project. Such projects include: (1) Preemption Checks, (2) L2 Edits, (3) Entering A/C Changes, (4) Bookpulls, and (5) Cross-Referencing.

Authority Checks
Once a writer's article (either an outside/faculty author or a student piece) is selected for publication, the production staff schedules an authority check (A/C). The purpose of the A/C is to ensure that all authority used in an article has been cited accurately and is in proper form. The integrity and reliability of The Journal of Corporation Law depends on the accuracy of the published articles. Therefore, the work done at an A/C is very important and must be completed in a thorough and conscientious manner.

A/Cs take place in one of the rooms in the Boyd Law Building. Prior to the A/C, a JCL member will divide a list of sources compiled by an Articles Editor into appropriate categories (i.e., Federal case law, state case law, statutes, journal and law review articles, etc.). Two to four writers take the list of all the authorities cited in the article and pull the sources from the shelves in the library. At the A/C, each second-year writer receives a packet containing several pages with footnotes and accompanying text. The writer must carefully check each source, citation, word, and punctuation mark to ensure they are correct. A piece should leave an A/C in perfect condition. Before leaving the A/C, each participant must have his/her work checked by an editor before secondary hours will be credited for attendance.