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Undergraduate Curriculum in Leisure Studies (Child Life)

The following course selection fulfill the requirements for an undergraduate degree (BA) in Leisure Studies with an emphasis in Child Life. You must submit an application to be admitted to the program and to begin coursework in Child Life (or Therapeutic Recreation). Admissions is a selective process.

Requirements for an Undergraduate Major in Child Life

Child Life Foundation (21 s. h.)

169:061 Recreation Leadership and Programming                
169:077 Introduction to Child Life                                       
169:160 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation                   
169:162 Therapeutic Recreation: Clientele                            
169:165 Child Life Materials and Methods                          
169:166 Child Life Seminar                                                              
169:167 Child Life Practicum                                                           

Supporting Elective Courses - Students must complete 12 s. h. of electives chosen from the following:

20E:103 Medical and technical terminology                         
7C:199 Counseling for related professions                            
7U:140 Characteristics of disabilities                                    
7U:190 Interdisciplinary issues in disabilities                        
34:061 The American family                                                 
7C:145 Marriage and family interaction                                
7E:114 Parent-child relationships                                          
31:41 Loss and trauma                                                           
Other courses approved in consultation with advisor

Internship - Students must complete both of these (13 s.h.).

169:190 Preinternship seminar                                               
169:192 Child Life Internship                                               

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