I. Federal Laws & Initiatives

II. Policy Choices & Fiscal Issues in Design

III. Summary tables of State Medicaid Buy-In Programs

IV. Medicaid Buy-In Admin & Evaluations

V. Cross-Disability Coalitions in States

VI. State Programs

VII. WIA, One-Stops, ADA etc.

VIII. SSDI Work Incentive Demos


Comprehensive Person-Centered State Work Incentive Initiatives:

A Resource Center for Developing & Implementing Medicaid Buy In Programs
Related Employment Initiatives for Persons with Disabilities

IV. Medicaid Buy-In Administration
& Evaluations

A. State Medicaid Buy-In Program Premiums: Source Material and Summaries July, 2003

B. Medicaid Buy-In Outreach Programs: State Examples

State Evaluation and Consumer Surveys

3-State Work Incentive Initiative: Oregon, Vermont, and Wisconsin
Implementation Evaluation Report

Prepared for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Work Incentives Project
by the Oregon Health Policy Institute, May 2002
Download a pdf file copy of the report

California Working Disabled Program
Prepared by the Lewin Group May 2003

Policy Briefs Published by the University of Kansas Department of Health Policy and Management includes information on the characteristics of Medicaid Buy-In Enrollees
Link to site of Policy Briefs

  1. Policy Brief 1
    Discussion of initial experience with enrollment in Medicaid Buy-In
  2. Policy Brief 2
    Discussion of consumer satisfaction by enrollees
  3. Policy Brief 3
    Discussion of characteristics enrollees, e.g., type of disability

The MaineCare Option for Workers with Disabilities: A Survey of Past and Present Enrollees
Link to report

MaineCare: Services for Workers with Disabilities Chart Book May 2003

Survey of Disability and Employment in Nebraska, Fall 2001
Data Analysis and Report
Published May 20, 2002
A consumer survey to gather information from Nebraskans with disabilities about the barriers and supports facing workers with disabilities.

“The Impact of Earnings of Nebraskans with Disabilities on their Eligibility for Selected Services and Programs” December 2002
A report prepared for the Nebraska Medicaid Infrastructure Project by the Public Policy Institute at the University of Nebraska
Link to download the report

Intermediary Service Organizations Providing Personal Assistance Services: Implementation Lessons. June 2003. University of Nebraska Public Policy Center.
A report prepared for the Nebraska Medicaid Infrastructure Project by the Public Policy Institute at the University of Nebraska
Link to download the report

Self Reported Survey of Consumers Experience in Medicaid Buy-In Program
Survey Results related to Benefits Planning
Employer Focus Group Report

“Medicaid Purchase Plan Annual Evaluation Report”, November 2002
Innovative Research Group, Madison, Wisconsin
for the Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services
Download a copy of the pdf file


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