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Comprehensive Person-Centered State Work Incentive Initiatives:

A Resource Center for Developing & Implementing Medicaid Buy In Programs
Related Employment Initiatives for Persons with Disabilities

New Hampshire

I. Overview of a State’s Comprehensive Person-Centered Employment Initiatives

New - The Medicaid Buy-In program in New Hampshire went into effect February 1, 2002

New Hampshire has a Medicaid Infrastructure Grant Project with major emphasis on promoting use of the New Hampshire Medicaid Buy-In program, improving the Personal Assistance Services (PAS) program in the state and integrating the various employment related projects related to individuals with disabilities.

New - Direct link to Information on Project Dollars and Sense
#The Five Major initiatives of Project Dollars and Sense

Mission Statement for Project Dollars and Sense:
To design, implement and evaluate interagency infrastructure process that integrates employment, public assistance, and acute and long term health care programs in a way that increases the employment and self sufficiency of individuals who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in the State of New Hampshire.

New – Download file of two summary charts
State’s Medicaid Buy-In Program Design Features
- Income Eligibility Criteria
- Resource Limits and Exclusions
- Cost Sharing - Minimum Income Level and Premium or Cost Share Methods
- Work Related Policies and Protections
State’s SSI and Other Medicaid Income Standards for Adults with Disabilities

II. What’s New and Persons to Contact

1122 Medicaid Buy-In enrollees in New Hampshire as of June 30, 2003

Direct Link to Web Site of Granite State Independent Living Center a statewide information, advocacy, and direct services organization run by and for people with disabilities.

State has initiated consumer-directed Personal Assistance Services project.
Direct Link to Consumer –Directed PAS Pilot Project Fact Sheet

Person to Contact:

Denise Bolduc-Musumeci
Medicaid Intrastructure Grant
Project Director
Medicaid Division
New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
129 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301-3857

Phone: 603-271-7224

III. Program Development - Past and Present

  • Executive Branch Leadership, Cross Disability Coalition Leadership and Interagency Working Groups

    Governor's Task Force on Employment and Economic Self Sufficiency for Persons with Disabilities
    Link to Governor's Task Force website:

  • Initial Planning, Information Gathering and Program and Fiscal Estimates

    “New Hampshire Adult Social Security Disability Population:
    A Descriptive Study of those Individuals Participating in the SSDI and SSI Programs in April 2000”
    Download a pdf file of the report


IV. State Legislation - Adopted and Pending

New - Direct Link to New Hampshire legislation

V. Current State Policies and Program Descriptions

  • State Policies: State Plans, Regulations and Waiver Requests to Federal Agencies - Pending and Adopted Programs
  • Ensuring Informed Choice and Person - Centered Programs: Benefits Counseling, Work Force Investment Act Implementation and Related Educational Services

    Direct Link to Benefits Planning Manual

  • Descriptions for Consumers and Staff Training Activities
New - Direct Link to Information on Medicaid for Employed Adults with Disabilities program

VI. Program Data and Impact

  • Medicaid Buy-In Data
  • Consumer Surveys and Evaluation Studies

    University of New Hampshire Survey Evaluation of Medicaid Buy-In Enrollees on barriers, PAS, assistive technology and community integration Year 2002 (completed) and Year 2003 (ongoing)

    Dartmouth University evaluation of Medicaid Buy-In program operations utilizing CMS data requirements

    State Economic Impact study of impact of Medicaid Buy-In program – report due in November 2003


VII. Comprehensive Employment Initiatives

Personal Assistance Services (PAS)
Two organizations were awarded a grant to implement consumer-directed PAS in two pilot site projects
Direct link to description of consumer directed PAS program administered through Granite State Independent Living Center

New Hampshire Accessible Housing Registry
The New Hampshire Accessible Housing Registry (NHAHR) is a free program that assists people with disabilities to find accessible rental housing in New Hampshire. NHAHR lists accessible apartments throughout the state and maintains information about their availability, along with other housing related information.
Direct link to the web site at the Granite State Independent Living Center for information on the Housing Registry

Employer Outreach
Letter, brochure and poster sent to 1300 employers in state in 2003 to promote employment of people with disabilities and promote use of Medicaid Buy-In program

Benefits Counseling
Provided education and outreach services to consumers and organizations on Medicaid Buy-In program.
See Benefits Planner Manual prepared by SSA’s State Partnership Initiative project – Dollars and Sense - in V above

Also see information on Medicaid Buy-In program on the web site of the Granite State Independent Living Center

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