I. Federal Laws & Initiatives

II. Policy Choices & Fiscal Issues in Design

III. Summary tables of State Medicaid Buy-In Programs

IV. Medicaid Buy-In Admin & Evaluations

V. Cross-Disability Coalitions in States

VI. State Programs

VII. WIA, One-Stops, ADA etc.

VIII. SSDI Work Incentive Demos

Comprehensive Person-Centered State Work Incentive Initiatives:

A Resource Center for Developing & Implementing Medicaid Buy In Programs
Related Employment Initiatives for Persons with Disabilities

VII. Workforce Investment Act, One-Stops,
ADA, Technology, Rehabilitation
& Support Services


1. Work Force Investment Act (WIA ) Section 188 Disability Checklist
The Department of Labor's new WIA Section 188 Disability Checklist is a tool designed to ensure equal opportunity for people with disabilities in Workforce Investment Act programs. Developed by the Office of Disability Employment Policy in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Labor's Civil Rights Center and the Employment and Training Administration, the checklist gives examples of policies, procedures, and other recommended steps that meet WIA's nondiscrimination requirements to provide equal access to services for customers with disabilities.

WIA Section 188 Checklist--


The Center for the Study and Advancement of Disability Policy CSADP
CSADP provides public education, leadership development and training, technical assistance and information dissemination, and conducts action-research and analysis of public policy issues affecting individuals with disabilities and their families.

National Center on Workforce and Disability/Adult
The National Center on Workforce and Disability/Adult (NCWD) provides training,
technical assistance, policy analysis, and information to improve access for all in the workforce development system.

Center for the Study and Advancement of Disability Policy and Center for Health Services Research and Policy at George Washington University

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