Comprehensive Person-Centered State Work Incentive Initiatives:

A Resource Center for Developing & Implementing Medicaid Buy In Programs
Related Employment Initiatives for Persons with Disabilities

State-by-State Policy Development & Implementation Information

State-by-state information is available which tells the story of a national movement of involving consumers, advocates, providers, and policy makers in the executive and legislative branches in many states working together to improve the lives of persons with significant disabilities.


Iowa Minnesota Alaska Arkansas California Colorado Connecticutt Nebraska Wisconsin Washington Nevada Indiana Maryland New Jersey New York Oregon New Mexico Oklahoma Maine District of Columbia US map

States with Medicaid Buy In Programs Implemented (in green on the map):
[Alaska] [Arizona] [Arkansas][California] [Connecticut] [Illinois] [Indiana] [Iowa] [Kansas] [Maine] [Massachusetts (Section 115 Waiver)] [Michigan] [Minnesota] [Mississippi] [Missouri] [Nebraska] [New Hampshire] [New Jersey] [New Mexico] [New York] [Oregon] [Pennsylvania] [South Carolina] [Vermont] [Washington] [Wisconsin] [Wyoming] [Utah]

States with Medicaid Buy In Legislation Enacted and in Pre-Implementation and Policy Refinement Stage (in orange on the map):
[Louisiana] [Maryland] [Nevada] [North Dakota] [West Virginia]

States studying Medicaid Buy-In Program or having Waivers Authorized in State Legislation (horizontal lines on the map):
[Colorado] [Oklahoma] [Virginia] [Texas]

States with no Medicaid Buy-In, but have other Employment Initiatives information (cross-hatched on the map):
[Alabama] [Delaware] [District of Columbia] [Florida] [Idaho] [Rhode Island] [South Dakota]

The rest of the country (in white on the map):
 [Georgia] [Hawaii] [Kentucky] [Montana] [North Carolina] [Ohio] [Tennessee]

Table of Contents
1. Federal Laws and Initiatives
2. Policy Choices & Fiscal Issues in Designing a Medicaid Buy-In and other Work Incentives
3. Summary Tables of State Medicaid Buy-In Programs Design Characteristics & Data
4. Medicaid Buy-In Administration & Evaluations
5. Cross-Disability Coalitions in States: Advocating for Change
6. State Comprehensive Employment Initiatives & Medicaid Buy-In Programs
7. WIA, One-Stops, ADA, Technology, Rehabilitation & Support Services
8. SSDI Work Incentive Demonstrations: Policy Frameworks and Issues

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