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Benjamin Kline Hunnicutt
 Curriculum Vitae

412 Jefferson Building, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
            Phone: 319-335-9953;


Ph.D. University. of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC, American History, 1976 (advisor, George Mowry)

M.A University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC American History, 1972, Minor: European History

B.A. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC Philosophy/Religion, 1967

Academic Positions

Professor, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, 1975-present; (assistant professor in the Department of Leisure Studies 1975-1980, associate professor in the Department of Leisure studies 1981-1988, full professor in the Department of Leisure Studies, joint appointment with Literature Science and the Arts.

Director, University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts, Division of Physical Education. 1990-1992.

Chair, Department of Leisure Studies, The University of Iowa, 1976-1979, 1989-90

Teaching Assistant, The University of North Carolina's Department of History, 1970-73.

Coordinator, Council for Senior Citizens, Durham, N.C. (Day Care Director for Senior Citizens) 1973-75. City,

Honors and Awards

According to the University of Iowa News Service, my work was the most cited by national news sources (monitored by the News Service) of all University of Iowa faculty or subdivisions in 1998-1999.
My book, Kellogg's Six-Hour Day is Listed as one of primary readings for "Work and Family," by the John F. Kennedy School (Harvard) of Government's, "Saguaro Seminar for Civic Engagement"
Inclusion in the Sixteenth Edition of Men of Achievement, published by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.
Personal Biography published by Contemporary Authors, 130, page 210-211
Inclusion in Marquis' Who's Who in the Midwest, 1992 and subsequent issues.
Inclusion in International Authors and Writers Who's Who 1993-99. Published by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England
Election to the Academy of Leisure Sciences, 1992, membership to the present
Carol E. Gordon and Mary Lou Enberg Distinguished Lecturer, Washington State University. Delivered September 29, 1994

Special Honors a. Old Gold Fellowship, 1979, awarded by The University of Iowa. b. Old Gold Fellowship, 1980, awarded by The University of Iowa. c. "Historian" for the Society of Park and Recreation Educators. 1980-81



American Association for State and Local History

Co-director of the Society for the Reduction of Human Labor, 1992 to summer 1996.

National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA)

Society of Park and Recreation Educators

Offices a. Symposium Section Chair and Moderator
            for "Historical and Economic Aspects of Leisure Research"
            for the Society of Park and Recreation Educators in 1978
            at the Miami Conference of NRPA. b. Symposium Section
            Chair and Moderator for "Historical and Economic Aspects
            of Leisure Research" for the Society of Park and
            Recreation Educators in 1979 at the New Orleans
            Conference of NRPA. c. Symposium Section Chair and
            Moderator for "Philosophical, Historical, Cultural and
            Economic Aspects of Leisure and Recreation" for the
            Society of Park and Recreation Educators in 1982 in
            Louisville Conference of NRPA. d. SPRE Historian,

National Therapeutic Recreation Society

Offices 1. Associate Editor of the Therapeutic
            Recreation Journal. Three year appointment beginning
            January, 1978. 2. Co-Chairperson of the "Ten Year History
            Committee." September, 1977 to August, 1979.

Organization of American Historians.

Iowa Parks and Recreation Association

International Platform Association

Teaching, at the University of Iowa

To see detailed outlines of my major classes click on the following Links

28:72 Leisure and the Liberal Arts
33:121, The Good Society
28:173, Work and Leisure in American Culture
28:277, Leisure in US Culture

Please follow the "sub-pages" to the links above for a fuller view of the course content

.Teaching Assignments-
Fall 1997 through Spring 2001
28:72 Leisure and the Liberal Arts 028:277 Leisure in U.S. Culture
Spring 98
28:72 Leisure and the Liberal Arts 028:200 Historical and Philosophical Perspectives 3 s.h. Freshman Seminar (with Professor MacNeil)
Summer '99
28:72 Leisure and the Liberal Arts 028:192 Internship II
Fall 99
28:72 Leisure and the Liberal Arts 028:277 Leisure in U.S. Culture Freshman Seminar
Spring 99
Semester Assignment
Fall 1999
28:72 Leisure and the Liberal Arts
028:277 Leisure in U.S. Culture
Spring 2000
28:72 Leisure and the Liberal Arts
028:173 Work and Leisure in American Culture
Fall 2000
28:72 Leisure and the Liberal Arts
028:277 Leisure in U.S. Culture
Spring 2001
28:72 Leisure and the Liberal Arts
33:121: The Good Society

2. Students Supervised:
a. Ph.D. candidates, 0; b. Master's candidates, 0; c. Postdocs, 0; d. Undergraduate students 0; e. Honors students Student, 0.

 3. Other Contributions to Instructional Programs-

Designed new course for Spring 2001, 33:121, "The Good Society"
Helped to plan the introductory course for the Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center

1. Developed and delivered an extension course in the experimental University of Iowa "Learning at a Distance" program at Council Bluffs with M.L. Teague, Ed.D. I was among the first faculty members to participate in the Council Bluffs experiment and I supported it by developing and delivering the course twice.
2. Directed and contributed to re-designing of Recreation Education Program Curriculum and Mission Statement. As Chair of the Recreation Education Program, I helped formulate a thorough revamping of the Program's curriculum. I also supervised the implementation of the revised curriculum, writing a "Mission Statement" and guide for use in student advisement.

3. Courses designed and created:
(1) Aging And Leisure,16 104:162; (2) Contemporary Issues in Leisure, 104:100; (3) Concepts in Recreation and Leisure, 104:220; (4) Alternative Leisure Lifestyles, 104: 161; (5) Work and Leisure in American Life, 104:122; (6) International Sports, Recreation and Leisure, 104:145; (7) Administration and Management of Sports and Recreation in Developing Nations, 104:180; (8) Contemporary Issues in Saudi Arabian Sports and Recreation, 104:100.

4. Designed and taught new course- Computer Applications for Parks and Recreation Management.-- 104:168 Course first offered Spring 1986

5. With Ken Mobily, designed new course for 1988, Humanistic Perspectives on Play and Leisure. 104:025. Course approved for University of Iowa Humanities General Education Requirement by the Educational Policy Committee, Winter 1987.




1.Publications or Creative Works
a. Refereed







Book Chapters 


















































Reviews and
non-refereed articles

Hunnicutt, B.K. Saving Work: A Failing Faith. My main effort last year was writing this book. I presented two chapters of the book to the "Rhetoric Seminar," for the University of Iowa's Project On the Rhetoric of Inquiry, Sept. 26, 2000

Hunnicutt, B.K. The Leisure Section (a Novel) , in progress- I am not sure that this will amount to anything, it's just an experiment in another way to publish my work.

Hunnicutt, B.K. Kellogg's Six-Hour Day; (Philadelphia: Temple University Press) 1996.To read reviews of this book, click on the following links.
New York Times, Chicago Tribune, "H-Net" Reviews, Industrial Worker

Hunnicutt, B.K., Work Without End: Abandoning Shorter Hours for the Right to Work, (Philadelphia: Temple University Press) 1988. To read reviews of this book, click on the following links.
New York Times, Washington Post

Hunnicutt, B.K. & Reed, John, "Southern Leisure"-- The introduction to the "Recreation" section of Wilson, Charles (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC, 1989.

Hunnicutt, B.K "The New Deal: The Salvation of Work and the End of the Shorter Hour Movement," in Cross, Gary (Ed.) Worktime and Industrialization: An International History (Temple University Press 1988).

Hunnicutt, B.K., "The Economic Constraints of Leisure," in M.L. Wade (Ed.), The Constraints of Leisure. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, IL 1984.

Hunnicutt, B.K., "Aging and Leisure Politics," in Teague, M.L., MacNeil, R.D., & Hitzhusen, G. (Eds.), Perspectives on Leisure and Aging in a Changing Society, University of Missouri, 1982.

Hunnicutt, B. "Our Reform Heritage: Recovering The Vision Of Community Leisure Service," Journal of Leisure Research, vol. 32, Winter 2000. Click here for an early, non-published version of this article.
Hunnicutt, B. and Mazzetti, Giovanni, "La Riduzione Dell'orario Sulle due Sponde Dell'Atlantico: Un Dialogo," Nord e Sud (Rome & Napoli, Italy). March- April 1999,
Hunnicutt B, "Leisure And Play, Still The Basis Of Culture, Recent Developments In Cultural Anthropology And History," Leisure Science 20: (2) 143-148 Apr-Jun 1998
Hunnicutt, B.K., "La Preghiera Quotidiana di Mr. Smith," Rifondazione (Rome, Italy), Feb. 1998.
Volume 4 (three issues) and one issue of Volume 5 of NEWSLETTER of the Society for the Reduction of Human Labor- numerous articles, Click here to see some of these issues.
Hunnicutt, B.K., "The Pursuit of Happiness," In Context, Number 37 Winter, 1993-94. To read this article, click here.
Hunnicutt, B.K., "La Izquierda y el Futuro del Trabajo," El Socialismo del Futuro, Number 7, 1993
Hunnicutt, B.K. "The Left and the Future of Work," essay for Leisure Sciences, 1993
Hunnicutt, B.K. "The Death of Kellogg's Six-Hour Day: An Aborted Capitalist Vision of Liberation Through Management of Work Reduction," Business History Review (edited and published by Harvard University School of Business Administration) Sept. 1993
Hunnicutt, B.K., "Work Redistribution vs. New Jobs Creation: A Reconsideration of Depression Employment policies and Depression Views of Economic Advance," A position paper prepared at the request of Senator Eugene McCarthy's 1992 Presidential Campaign Staff, published and circulated by the McCarthy Campaign.
Hunnicutt, Benjamin Kline, "Plato on Leisure, Play, and Learning," Leisure Sciences, Vol. 12, 1990, pp.211-227. Click here to read a early, manuscript version of the published article.
Hunnicutt, Benjamin Kline, "Why Has There Been No Significant Reduction in Work Hours for Over Fifty Years in the United States?" in Parker, Stand and Tomlinson, Alan (eds.) Leisure, Labor, and Lifestyles: International Comparisons, Vol. 3 Summer 1989, ISBN # 0 906337410, published by Leisure Studies Association, Brighton, England
Hunnicutt, B.K. "Leisure Time Drops...," Detroit Free Press, Jan. 23, 1990. (Adaptation of the Wall Street Journal article).
Hunnicutt, B.K. "America's Job Gains May Impinge on God and Family," Wall Street Journal (Europe), January 9, 1990, published in Heerlen, Netherlands.
Hunnicutt, B.K. "Are We All Working Too Hard?: No Time for God or Family," The Wall Street Journal (N.Y.), January 4, 1990. Click here to read the article. This article was reprinted in Michael Cooly, Berry College (Ga.) Making Choices, Reading Issues in Context-(Houghton Mifflin, 1996). ISBN # 738652
Teague, M.L. and Hunnicutt, B.K., "An Analysis of the 1990 PHS Physical Fitness and Exercise Objectives for Older Americans," Health Values, Summer, 1989.
Hunnicutt, B.K. "Sports and the South," Encyclopedia of Southern Culture University of North Carolina Press, 1989.
Hunnicutt, B.K. "Work, Leisure and Labor Supply: Analysis of the 1980 Census Data," International Review of Modern Sociology. Spring 1988.
Mobily, Ken, Weissinger, Ellen, and Hunnicutt, B.K., "The Means/Ends Controversy: A Framework for Understanding the Value Potential of TR," Therapeutic Recreation Journal," XXI (Third Quarter, 1987), 7-14.
Hunnicutt, B.K "Saudi Arabia's Leisure Development" Parks and Recreation, XX (July, 1985), 50-55.
Hunnicutt, B.K. "The End of Shorter Hours," Labor History, XXV (Summer, 1984),373-404. Click here to read an early, manuscript version of the article, not published.
Hunnicutt, B.K. "The Rhetoric of Leisure Study," Kentucky Recreation and Parks, XXX (Winter, 1984), 6-8.
Hunnicutt, B.K. "Monsignor John A. Ryan and the Shorter Hours of Labor: A Forgotten Vision of Genuine Progress," Catholic Historical Review, LXIX (July, 1983), 384-402.
Hunnicutt, B.K. "The Economy of Time Use: A New Opportunity for Historical Analysis," Leisure Information, Fall, 1981.
Hunnicutt, B.K. "To Cope in Autonomy: Therapeutic Recreation and the Limits of Professionalism and Intervention," Expanding Horizons, March, 1980.
Hunnicutt, B.K. "Historical Attitudes Toward the Increase of Free Time in the Twentieth Century: Time for Work, for Leisure, or as Unemployment," Loisir et Societe, November, 1980.
Hunnicutt, B.K. "The Freudian and Neo-Freudian Views of Adult Play and Their Implications for Leisure Services Delivery" Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 2nd Quarter, 1979.
Hunnicutt, B.K. "The Jewish Sabbath Movement in the Early Twentieth Century," American Jewish Historical Quarterly, December, 1979. Click here to read a early, manuscript version of the published article
Hunnicutt, B.K. "The First Twelve Years or the Last Ten Years: A Rejoinder to the Ten Year History of the NTRS," Therapeutic Recreation Journal, Fall, 1978.
Hunnicutt, B.K. & Parks, David. "National Therapeutic Recreation Society--The First Twelve Years," Fall, 1978, Therapeutic Recreation Journal.

Hunnicutt, Benjamin Kline, Review of James Gleick's, Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything, Chicago Tribune, Sept. 19, 1999. Click here to read the review

Hunnicutt, B.K., A Review of Robert Kanigel s, The One best Way: Frederick Winslow Taylor and the Enigma of Efficiency, Chicago Tribune, July, 1997.

Hunnicutt, B.K., A Review of Karen Grover's, Hard At Play, Annals of Iowa

Hunnicutt, B.K., A Review of Andre Gorz, Critique of Economic Reason and Eugene McCarthy and William McGaughey, Nonfinancial Economics: The Case for Shorter Hours of Work in Leisure Sciences

Hunnicutt, B.K., Review of Michael Seidman's Workers Against Work: Labor in Paris and Barcelona During the Popular Fronts in Business History

Hunnicutt, B.K., A review of Juliet Schor's The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline of Leisure in Leisure Sciences. This review was published by the NRPA in a special pamphlet, handed out during Schor's address to the NRPA in 1992

Hunnicutt, B.K. Review of American Sportsmen and the Origins of Conservation by John F. Reiger, in the Environmental Professional, Vol. 3, No. 4, Spring, 1983.

Hunnicutt, B.K., A review of E.L. Jackson and T.L. Burton's Understanding Leisure and Recreation: Mapping the Past Charting the Future in Schole: A Journal of Leisure and Recreation Education published annually by the Society of Park and Recreation Educators of the National Recreation and park Association.

Hunnicutt, B.K., A review of Gary Cross' A Social History of Leisure: Since 1600 in Leisure Sciences Vol. 13, 1991. pp 81-82

Hunnicutt, B.K. A review of David Roediger and Philip Foner's Our Own Time: A History of American Labor and the Working Day, in Journal of American History vol. 77, Sept, 1990

Hunnicutt, B.K., A review of John Wilson's, Politics and Leisure in Social Forces 68, March 1990.

Hunnicutt, B.K., A Review of Leisure and Human Behavior by Gene Brammell and Lee Loan Burrus-Brammell, Journal of Leisure Research, Vol. 14, No. 4, 4th Quarter, 1982, p. 364.

Published Reviews of My Work

Kellogg's Six-Hour Day was reviewed in the New York Times Book Review, 22 Dec. 1996; Publisher's Weekly, 7 Oct. 1996; Chicago Tribune, 13 July 1997; Contemporary Sociology, Sept. 1997 (vol. 26, p.631); Bookwatch, March 1997 (vol. 18, p5); Journal of American History, 1998 ; Journal of Economic History, March 1998, p 274; Training Magazine, March 1997; International Labor and Working-Class History Number 54, Fall 1998; H-NET BOOK REVIEW, Published by (September, 1998) Reviewed for EH.Net by Robert Whaples <>, Department of Economics, Wake Forest University; Michigan Historical Review 24: (1) 178-179 SPR 1998; Mutari, Ellen , Review of Social Economy, Winter 1998 2 pages


Work Without End was reviewed in the New York Times Book Review Jan 29, 1989; Washington Post August 29, 1989; United Press International (UPI) Sept.4, 1989; The Journal of American History June 1989; Journal of Economic History March 1989; American Historical Review April 1990; The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences Sept., 1989; Labor Studies Journal Fall, 1989; Human Resources Abstracts Dec. 1988; Choice November 1988; Monthly Labor Review November 1988 (short mention); Human Economy Newsletter Summer 1989; Cooperative Economic News Service May-June 1989; Economic Books, Current Selections June 1989; Media General News Service Sept. 3; Society for the Reduction of Human Labor Newsletter Spring 1990, Vol. 1, Number 1; Loisir et Societe, Fall, 1990; Business History Review (Harvard) Autumn 1989.


Work Without End and my thesis, "the end of shorter hours" have been widely discussed and debated since 1987 by such writers as Juliet Schor, The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline of Leisure, Basic Books, 1991. Suzanne Gordon, in her review of Schor's book in the Boston Globe (1/26/92), writes "Schor's study follows that of other scholars ... such as Benjamin Hunnicutt... Schor takes up where Hunnicutt left off." See also Witold Rybczynski, Waiting for the Weekend, Viking, 1991, passim (Rybczynski also discussed my thesis in his article in the Atlantic in the Summer of 1991); Amy Saltzman, Downshifting; Reinventing Success on a Slower Track, Harper Collin, 1990, passim; Suzanne Gordon, Prisoner of Men's Dreams 1991, passim; Karl Hinrichs, William Roche, Carmen Sirianni, Working Time in Transition: The Political Economy of Working Hours in the Industrial Nations, Temple 1991. See also Your Money or Your Life, Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robbins published by Viking.

Historians, David Roediger and Philip Foner, authors of Our Own Time: A History of American Labor and the Working Day, 1989 go so far as to attempt to "reinterpret U.S. labor history" by trying to answer the question I posed in 1983 in my article on Monsignor John Ryan; "why was .. shorter hours a crucial liberal reform from the 1830s to the 1930s, but since then has dropped from view?"

Writing about developments in France and Britain, Gary Cross in A Quest for Time: The Reduction of Work in Britain and France, 1989, passim; expands the scope of investigation; confirming my thesis that "The era of the progressive reduction of worktime, at least for now has come to an end" and joining with me in trying to explain this curious fact.

Two major book were published in 1995, building upon my work; Jeremy Rifkin, The End of Work; The Decline of the Global Labor Force and the Dawn of the Post-market Era, and Stanley Aronowitz and William DeFazio, The Jobless Future.

Other prominent scholars who have built on my thesis include; Lazaros Houmanidis, in his two books, Le Salaire Ouvier Depuis les Classiques Jusq'a Nos Jours (Athens, 1995) and Humanitarian Economics (Athens 1996)


Personal Statement
about research;



MEDIA COVERAGE of my scholarship.

I have always tried to make my research and theories widely known through the popular media. I feel that it is essential for academics to make practical use of their research by addressing public issues in public forums. Too often, academics have little or nothing to say to people beyond academia and their own specialized fields. I present a list of selected national and international media that have disseminated my research.


Quoted by the Christian Science Monitor, April 16, 2001. "Work and Money, Could a 1998 plan for a 35-hour week serve as a model for US?" By Keren Lentschner

Quoted by American News Service, Aug., 10, 2000. "More pay, sure, but do Americans want more leisure?" Click here for the article

Quoted by Chris Burbach" Families Have to Steal Time for Leisure Many feel that they have too little time for work, family and leisure," Omaha World-Herald, 01/30/2000

Quoted by Johnson Patt, "Iowans' work hours decrease since 1990" Des Moines Register 10/02/2000

"What will leisure be like in 2020?" The Des Moines Register. 01/01/2000;

Jerry Useem, Fortune, Jan. 2000



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Wall Street Journal, "European Journal," Feb. 5, 1998; San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 25, 1997; Investors Business Daily, March 3 1998, "Do Americans Work Too Much?" by Charles Oliver; News & Observer (Raleigh, NC), 10/20/98; Greensboro News & Record, 05/03/98, 09/27/98; Sacramento Bee 6/14/98, 09/06/98; Des Moines Register, 04/16/98, 06/08/98, 07/23/98, 07/26/98; The Boston Globe, 05/17/98; Tulsa (Oklahomqa) World, 04/19/98; Fort Worth (TX) Star-Telegraph, 03/23/98; Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 12/14/98; "Leisure Time Surveys show employees place a greater value on their time;" BOCS Fordító, szám (II. évf., 1997 nov. 8.) (Hungarian), Tartalom, E számunk a tavaszi Balaton Bulletin nyolcadik tanulmányát közli.; Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, Sept. 28, 1998; Los Angeles Times, Sept. 7, 1998-- The Story Also Appeared In The (Memphis, Tenn.) Commercial Appeal. (Tacoma, Wash.); News Tribune, Sept. 6, 1998; San Francisco Examiner, Aug. 16, 1998; Bergen (N.J.) Record, Oct. 5 The Story, Which Originally Appeared In The Dallas Morning News, Also Appeared In The Chicago Tribune, The Toledo (Ohio) Blade, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch 09/24/98; The (Riverside, Calif.) Press-Enterprise, The Omaha (Neb.) 09/27/98 World-Herald, The Providence (R.I.) Journal, The Record (Hackensack, N.J.), The Albuquerque Journal, And The Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal; Seattle Times, Sept. 7, 1998; Salt Lake Tribune, Sept. 5. 1998; Gannett News Service

Daily News (Woodland Hills, Calif.), Oct. 12, 1998; Hollis L. Engley, "How did we come to have a "weekend" in the first place?" Gannett News Service, August 26, 1998; Hollis L. Engley, "And On The Third Day, The Long Weekend Kept Getting Better," Gannett News Service, September 6, 1998; The London Free Press, September 30, 1998.



Los Angeles Times Jan. 16, 1990; Philadelphia Enquirer Oct. 26, 1989 p.9-C; Boston Globe Magazine August 20, 1989 p.16 ff; Boston Sunday Globe April 1, 1990 (Suzanne Gordon column); UPI wire story Sept.4, 1989. I understand that newspapers and radio stations around the nation picked up this wire story, but I have not made an attempt to find out how many or which ones. Other stories that covered Work Without End and/or my "end of shorter hours" thesis include: Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch Sept. 3, 1989 p.G-2; Albuquerque Tribune Sept. 5, 1989; Daily Iowan Sept. 5, 1989 p.2; Des Moines Register, (Walt Shotwell), Sept. 11, 1989; Waterloo Courier Sept. 4 1989 p.4; FYI (University of Iowa) Sept. 8, 1989; Iowa City Press Citizen Jan. 5, 1990; Fortune Magazine, July 16 1990 American Demographics November, 1990; Los Angles Times Sunday March 3, 1991, sect. E. page 1.

Article syndicated by Gannett News Service, "Simple life": by Susan Pollack, April 30, 1991, published by Detroit News and other Gannett papers.

New York Times Oct. 11, 1993- page A7; an AP Wire service story ran Oct. 12, 1993; Des Moines Register , May 1, (Sunday); 1994 Nashville Tennessean, May 4, 1994; The State (Columbia S.C.) May 4, 1994; The Roanoke (Va.,) Times and World News, May 22, 1994; The Oregonian (Portland), May 22, 1994; The Louisville Courier-Journal, May 22, 1994; The Wall Street Journal, May 27, 1994; The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Sept. 5, 1994; The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 22, 1994; Los Angeles Times, October 31, 1994 ;The Kansas City Star, October 15, 1994; Health Magazine, October, 1994; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 10, 1994; Los Angeles Times, June 6, 1994; The Buffalo News, May 23, 1994; The Courier-Journal, May 29, 1994; The Seattle Times, May 29, 1994; The Phoenix Gazette May 23, 1994; Charleston Daily Mail May 20, 1994; The Hartford Courant May 16, 1994; Gannett News Service, May 3, 1994; Glamour Magazine, March 1995; Des Moines Register, April 3, 1995- Front page- "under the fold;"

Nicolein van Doorn, "De Prins Op Het Witte Paard Is Een Vaste Baan," Trouw (Amsterdam, Holland), Sept. 11, 1995, 6 columns- including 3 column photo.

Coverage of the university of Iowa's conference, "Our Time Famine" during March of 1996 included the Associated Press (I have no Idea how many newspapers in the USA ran this wire story), the Daily Iowan, 3/4/96; Cedar Rapids Gazette, 1/14/96 and 3/3/96; Des Moines Register, 3/9/96; Minneapolis Star Tribune, front page story 3/24/96; San Jose Mercury (no date).

Additional press coverage of my scholarship include Barbara Ehrenreich, "In Search of a Simpler Life" Working Woman December 1995; Kathleen Finch, "Bye-Bye Deprivation - Let the Good Times Roll," Cosmopolitan November, 1995; Iowa City Press Citizen, March 28, 1996; Harvey Schachter, Slaves of the New Economy, Canadian Business, April 1996 (pp. 87-92); Christian Science Monitor, 11 March 1997.

Alan Wolf, "The Moral Meaning of Work," The American Prospect, Sept.-Oct., 1997; Amy Saltzman, "When Less is More; What If We Put in Shorter Hours- and Got the Work Done Anyway?" U.S. News & World Report, 27 October 1997, p 79-84; June Kronholz, "We're All Living In the Future Tense- And Its Tense Indeed, Wall Street Journal, Nov., 20, 1997 (front page).
"Leisure Time Surveys show employees place a greater value on their time," The Indianapolis Star December 1, 1997 Pg. 1. ; Associated Press, "Study to Explore Overworked," March 4, 1996-
Lynn Smith, "Perhaps It's Time to Call the Elves," Los Angeles Times, Dec. 10, 1997, p. E1-E3; The Boston Globe, Dec. 7, 1997; The Columbus Dispatch Dec. 21, 1997;

National Media (non print)

June 7, 2000, Appeared with well known psychologist Mary Pieper on ABC Nightly News, interview by Erin Hayes on "Career Choices; Women Seeking Balance Between Work, Life." Click here to read the transcript

45 minute Interview with Arlie Hochschild, ABC News in association with Forbes, program, "Nightline", July 30, 1999,Click here to read the transcript

Voice of America, one hour interview- "call-in talk show" with Carol Pearson- broadcast worldwide- March 11, 1999 Topic: Work - America's New Religion.

"To the Best of Our knowledge," a National Public Radio national broadcast, produced by WHA, in Madison, Ws., 2/29/97, 9/26/97, 9/12/97, 6/2/97

20 minute interview on "To the Best of Our knowledge," a National Public Radio national broadcast, produced by WHA, in Madison, Ws., Oct. 16, 17, 1997.

One hour "call in show" and interview with Fred Anderly, WOSU (NPR affiliate at Ohio State), Columbus Ohio, June, 26, 1996

20 minute interview broadcast on "To the Best of Our knowledge," a National Public Radio national broadcast, produced by WHA, in Madison, Ws., June 1996

"The Brave New World of Work," interview for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation with Lynn Jamieson. April, 1996. Transcript Available.

15 Minute radio interview on nationally syndicated program, "Steve Crowley's American Scene" (out of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), March 16, 1996

Interview on WOI, Ames Iowa with Tod Mundt, March 15, 1996

10 minute Interview on the "Today Show," NBC national broadcast, March 14, 1996. This "Today" interview with Mike Leonard was shown by several other programs, including NBC News "Nightside" March 16, 1996 and by United Airlines' "On Flight Movie

Interview on WSU, March 6, 1996- other interviews I did associated with my conference, "Our Time Famine," include KGAN-TV, Ch. 2, 3/9/96; KWWL-TV, Ch. 7, 3/9/96; KRNA Radio; KUNI Radio; KCRG Radio

1 hour interview, Iowa Public Radio, WSUI, August 29, 1995

30 minute interview, Wisconsin Public Radio, August 28, 1995.

Production consultant for, and appearance in PBS special on overwork, "Running Out of Time," produced by John DeGraff, KCTV, Seattle Wash and aired nationally to over two million viewers Oct. 31, 1994.

Portland Or. Community Radio Station, Broadcast of my Carol E. Gordon and Mary Lou Enberg Distinguished Lecturer lecture delivered September 29, 1994.

45 minute interview with Jim Parkard over Wisconsin Public Radio, May 19, 1994

1 hour interview over Canadian Broadcast Company, May 13, 1994

25 minute interview, October 10, 1989 WOI, AM Ames. (Subject: Work Without End)

10 minute interview with Pauly Johns, WSUI, Iowa City. (Subject: Work Without End)

30 minute guest appearance on the CBS Radio Network "call-in" program, "The Dave Baume Show." Originating out of Chicago, this program was carried to 42 states and Canada the evening of Sept. 25, 1989. (Subject: American Workaholism)

10-11 minute interview, with Betty Clark, KWSUN, Sun City West, Arizona; Sept. 4, 1989. (Subject: Leisure, Work, and Retirement)

15-16 minute interview with Joan Harris (ABC News, New York) on ABC Radio Network, broadcast all or in part throughout the day by affiliated stations across the nation; Sept. 4, 1989. (Subject: Labor Day, 1989)

15-16 minute interview with Carol Ramos (Chicago), broadcast on CBS Radio Network, carried all or repeated in part throughout the day by affiliated stations across the nation; Sept. 4, 1989. (Subject: Attitudes Toward Work and Leisure in the U.S.)

14-15 minute interview with Unistar Radio Network (RKO or Dick Clark Radio Network), broadcast nationwide to affiliated stations; Sept. 4, 1989. (Subject: Labor Day: 1989)

11-12 minute interview with Jim Bohannan (Wash. D.C.), broadcast nationwide on Mutual Radio Network's "America in the Morning" Sept. 4, 1989. (Subject: Work and Leisure in the United States)

1 Hour guest appearance on KFYI, Phoenix, Az., Jan. 9, 1990 (Radio) (Subject: Length of Work Week in the U.S.)

Voice of America "Worldwide English Feature." Interview with Charlene Porter, broadcast to Europe Jan. 24, 1990 (Radio). (Subject: Work Without End). Transcript available.

20 minute guest appearance on CBS TV News "Nightwatch," host Charlie Rose; Sept. 4 1989 (nationally broadcast television. Subject: Work in the United States)

March 18,1990. Interview on ABC TV News program, "Business World," host Sander Vanochur (nationally broadcast television program). Subject: "The Business Executive and Long Hours of Work" and the "Religion of Work." Transcript available.

Invited Lectures and Conference Presentations

a. International

Paper on "The Future of Work and Leisure" presented at the Canadian Policy Research Networks Roundtable on the Future of Work. The roundtable was held in Ottawa, April 1997 and was sponsored by Industry Canada.

Lecture Series, "International History of Work and Leisure," given at the WICE, World Leisure and Recreation Association, International Centre of Excellence, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, Sept. 1995.

Address to the Dutch Christian Sports Union entitled "Work and Leisure," in Doorn, The Netherlands, Sept. 1995.

Presentation of a paper on the "Damaging Effects of Overwork, Underemployment and Unemployment on Individuals, Families, Communities, and the Economy of North America" at the 1995 joint conference of the Canadian Parks/Recreation Association and the National (USA) Recreation and Parks Association in Ottawa, August 1995.

"The Left and the Future of Work," paper presented September 17, 1992 in Sevilla Spain at the International Meeting on the Future of Work, sponsored by the Foundation Sistema and the journal Socialism and the Future.

Hunnicutt, B.K. "Why Has There Been No Reduction in Worktime for over Fifty Years in the United States?" Research Paper presented at the 1988 International Conference of the Leisure Studies Association, Brighton England. In conjunction with this presentation, I organized a panel for this conference with Gary Cross at the University of Pennsylvania on the history of reduction in worktime. This panel included papers on American, British, French, and German history.


b. National

 Rhetoric Seminar "Saving Work; A Failing Faith" presented to the University of Iowa's Project On the Rhetoric of Inquiry, Sept 26, 2000

Invited paper, Iowa Library Association, Oct 20, 2000, "Is There Life After Work?" Ames, Iowa

Research Presentation, "Saving Work, A failing Faith, U of I Department of Sociology, March 2000

Keynote Speaker, 1999 NRPA, Leisure Research Symposium, "On the Cusp of the New Millennium: Leisure Studies in the 21st Century," October 20, Nashville, Tennessee.

Invited lecture, "The Time Famine," by the Midwest Cooperative Education Association , Des Moines, Oct. 6, 1999.

Invited lecture at the University of Ill., Champaign-Urbana on "The Future of Leisure Studies at the University," Sept. 24, 1999

Hunnicutt, Benjamin, "The Historical Origins of the Time Famine," paper presented at the American Psychological Association/National Institute of Health, Interdisciplinary Conference on Work, Stress and Health in Baltimore, March 11-13, 1999, during the Symposium on "Overwork: Causes And Consequences."

Hunnicutt, Benjamin, "The Historical Origins of the Culture of Work and the Politics of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs," paper presented at the University of Iowa conference, "Our Time Famine." 1996

In 1995 and 1996, I organized a research conference that we called "Our Time Famine." The conference brought together leading scholars and public figures to talk about over-work a in today's society, and was widely reported in the press. Click here to see details of the conferece- speakers included Betty Friedan and Eugen McCarthy

Invited lecture at the University of Ill., Champaign-Urbana on Work and leisure, Oct. 20, 1995.

Public Lecture, September 21, 1995 for the "Concerns Committee" of the Johnson County Democrat Committee.

"Monsignor John A. Ryan And The Shorter Hours of Labor: A Forgotten Vision of Genuine Progress," paper presented to the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minn. conference Religion and the Public Life of Monsignor John A. Ryan. September 15, 1995.

I was invited by Karen Nussbaum, director of the Women's Bureau, to present a paper during the occasion of the Women's Bureau's 75th anniversary at a national conference titled, "Working Women Count." I organized a panel on working hours for this conference that included Betty Friedan and other notables.

Featured Speaker at the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association Annual Training Conference in Phoenix, Az. during the last week of April, 1995.

Lecture given at a National Endowment for the Humanities supported program in the Iowa City- Cedar Rapids area on "New Vision of Work and Play," April 6, 1995. After I had lectured, I was faced in debate by Frithjof Bergmann on the topic "Developing Utopian Visions of Work and Leisure."

Featured speaker at a conference on "The Wages of Cybernation" at CUNY Graduate Center, Manhattan., March 2-4 1995

Visiting Scholar, University of West Ill. April 21, 1994

Carol Gordon/Mary Lou Enberg Distinguished Lecturer, Washington State University, Sept. 1994

Featured Speaker at the plenary session, and workshop at CUNY, Manhattan, symposium on "The Future of Work" April 1- 3, 1994

Visiting scholar, series of lectures March 21-22, 1994 at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

"Deconstructing the Production and Consumption of History; History as a Profession vs. Habermas's Leisure [Musse] and Foucault's Genealogy," presented at the 18th Annual Social Science History Association, Nov. 1993 at Baltimore.

"Kellogg's Six-hour Workers," presented at the 14th Annual North American Labor History Conference, Oct. 1992 at Wayne State University.

" Work-Redistribution vs New Jobs Creation: A reconsideration of Depression Employment Policies and Depression Views of Economic Advance" presented at the University Of Iowa Forum on the Length of Working Hours (sponsored by the Department of Leisure Study and the Iowa Labor Center) Jan 1992

Society of Parks and Recreation Educators (SPRE) "Pre- Institute on Teaching Philosophy in Leisure Studies. Formal paper presentation, and reaction to other presentations. Feb. 1991 at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Ivan Illich Seminar on Modern Work. Illich invited four internationally known scholars (including Christian Marzahn, Konrecktor des Universitat Bremen) to spend three days at his home in Pennsylvania. Each of us presented a formal paper (my paper concerned my published research and theories about work reduction that had caught Illich's attention), and reacted to the other four presentations and to Illich's critiques and musings. We were constantly together for the three days, during which I had the opportunity to talk at length with Illich and to hear him out on his criticism of my work and his suggestions and ideas. (August 1990)

Invited Paper, March 21, 1990 "Social History Colloquium on the History of Leisure" at Penn State. I was the only speaker at the "Colloquium," sponsored by the Penn State Department of History.

Benjamin Hunnicutt "Plato, Play and Leisure" presented Oct. 21, 1989 at the National Recreation and Parks Association's Society of Parks and Recreation Educators' Research Symposium held at San Antonio, Texas

Benjamin Hunnicutt "The New Deal at the Dawn of the Age of Work Creation," presented Oct. 19, 1989 at the North American History Conference held at The Walter Reuther Library, Detroit, Michigan

Hunnicutt, B.K. "The New Deal and the End of Shorter Hours," Research paper and invited panel presentation at the 1988 meeting of the Social Science History Association, Chicago, 1988.

Hunnicutt, B.K., Strahorn, Jan and Milton, Kerry, "A New Play Therapy for Treatment of Certain Kinds of Language and Speech Impairments," Research paper presented at the 1988 Midwest Symposium on Therapeutic Recreation, April, 1988 Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Invited Keynote speaker for the 1986 SPRE symposium in Anaheim California. Paper presented entitled; "Problems Raised by the Empirical Study of Play and Some Humanistic Alternatives" reprinted in full in the SPRE Symposium, Abstracts, 1986

Hunnicutt, B.K. "Shorter Hours with the Same Wages: Workers, Wages, and Hours 1900-1920." Research paper, and invited panel presentation at the 1985 meeting of the Social Science History Association, Chicago, 1985.

Hunnicutt, B.K. "Playing and Knowing: The Epistemology of Play in the Works of Hans-Georg Gadamer, Jacques Derrida, Gregory Bateson, and Heidegger" Paper presented as the featured speaker at the 1985 SPRE Symposium History and Philosophy section.

Hunnicutt, B.K. "Play: The New Jerusalem for New Messiahs." Research paper presented at the 1984 SPRE Research Symposium.

Hunnicutt, B.K. "The Rhetoric of Leisure Studies." Featured paper presented at the SPRE Symposium at NRPA National Convention, Louisville, KY, 1982.

Hunnicutt, B.K. "The Reduced Work-week as a Solution to Unemployment: An Historical Survey." A research paper presented at the SPRE Research Symposium on History and Economics during the NRPA National Convention, New Orleans, 1979.

Hunnicutt, B.K. & Teague, M.L. "Forced Leisure: A Sentence for Life Imprisonment." A paper presented at the Education Sessions on Gerontology for the National Therapeutic Recreation Society during the NRPA National Convention, New Orleans, LA, 1979.

Teague, M.L. & Hunnicutt, B.K. "Aging and Leisure Economics." An invited presentation at the 1979 SPRE Research Symposium on Aging and Gerontology at the NRPA National Convention, New Orleans, LA, 1979.

Hunnicutt, B.K. "The Limits of Professionalism." An invited presentation at the Midwestern Therapeutic Recreation Symposium, March, 1979, Rock Island, Illinois.

Hunnicutt, B.K. "The Discovery of Adult Play," presented at the Iowa Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Conference in Des Moines, Iowa, October, 1978.

Hunnicutt, B.K. "The Shorter Hour Movement in the 1920s and During the Depression," presented at the NRPA National Symposium in Miami, October, 1978 as part of the SPRE Research Symposium.



Editorships of journals or other scholarly publications; service on review panels; service on departmental




collegiate, or university committees; relevant community involvement.










2. College
























4. Profession















5. Community





























Service to the state and Iowa City.

Editor of the Society for the Reduction of Human Labor's Newsletter Began in 1992, end in 1995

Book Review Editor for Leisure Sciences, 1994-97.

Reviewer for Leisure Science, 1987, 1988, 1998; and Temple University press, 1989.

Associate Editor of the Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 3 year appointment beginning January, 1978.



Member HLSS Graduate Committee, 2000 to present

Member, SHLPS undergraduate Committee, 1999 to 2000

Member of the SHLPS Graduate Committee, 1997-1999

Director, University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts Division of Physical Education. 1990-1992.

Undergraduate Coordinator, 1986-88

Coordinator of Graduate Studies. 1984-86.

Coordinator of Undergraduate Study, 2 years, 1976-78, 1981-83

Chairman, department of Leisure Study, 3 years, 1977-79.

Advisory Committee for the planning for and implementation of the Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center.

Member, U of I Library Search for Interlibrary Loan Director, Jan. 2000

Research Presentation, "Saving Work, A failing Faith, U of I Department of Sociology, March 2000

Member, Humanities Coordinating Committee, term beginning Fall 1995 to 1998

Member of the Vice President for Research (Skorton) Advisory Committee. 1997-8.

Chair of the Humanities Coordinating Committee, term beginning Fall 1995 to Spring 1997

Member of the Humanities Coordinating Committee, term beginning Fall 1994

Chair, Susan Birrell's Promotion Review Committee to full professor, 1993

Member of the Foreign Civilization and Culture Coordinating Committee, term beginning, Fall 1988- Summer 1990

Senator, Elected to Faculty Senate, 1986-1987

Member of University Review Committee for Department of Asiatic Languages and Literature, 1984. 11. Member of the University of Iowa Faculty Assembly. three year term beginning 1985.

Council of International Programs, Board Member, 1983-84.

Aging Studies Advisory Committee. 1979 to 1987

Aging Studies Curriculum Committee. 1979 to 1987

American Studies Steering Committee, 1981-85

Member, Re-accreditation Self-Study of Baccalaureate and Master's Programs, School of Social Work.

Collection of the manuscripts of G.T.W. Patrick for The University of Iowa Library Manuscripts Section.

Member of the Society for Park and Recreation's Special Committee for Archival Preservation and History Project, beginning Fall, 2000 to the present.

Member, Advisory Board Committee for Cooperative Education at The University of Iowa.

Member, College of Liberal Arts Search Committee for the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. (Dean Laster's selection) 2. Member, Dean's Search Committee for the Head of School of Social work.


Member and co-founder of National Parks and Recreation Association Committee on "The Preservation and Collection of Historical Archives."

Consultation with Dr. J. Dickason in organizing the Society of Park and Recreation Society's 1983 Symposium during the NRPA Convention in Kansas City session on Philosophical, Historical and Cultural Aspects of Leisure

Offices a. Symposium Section Chair and Moderator for "Historical and Economic Aspects of Leisure Research" for the Society of Park and Recreation Educators in 1978 at the Miami Conference of NRPA.

Symposium Section Chair and Moderator for "Historical and Economic Aspects of Leisure Research" for the Society of Park and Recreation Educators in 1979 at the New Orleans Conference of NRPA

Symposium Section Chair and Moderator for "Philosophical, Historical, Cultural and Economic Aspects of Leisure and Recreation" for the Society of Park and Recreation Educators in 1982 in Louisville Conference of NRPA.

SPRE Historian, 1980-81.



Invited lecture, Scattergood School, West Branch, Ia. Nov. 6, 1999.

Invited talk, Iowa City Optimists, June 23, 1999.

Lecture to Iowa City Chamber of Commerce, April 2, 1997

"In-service" workshop for Johnson County Secondary Social Studies Teachers, Iowa City, Feb. 26, 1998.

"New ways to Work," Lecture before Muscatine Kiwanis Club, Feb. 24, 1998.

Lecture before the Johnson County Area Women's Network entitled "Losing Faith in Work," March 12, 1997

. Panel member for the Iowa City Press Citizen forum on "Managed Health Care" and the downsizing at the University of Iowa Hospitals. March 27, 1996.

Lecture, "Are We All Working Too Hard?" Lecture sponsored by the University of Iowa Office of Continuing Medical Education, held May 3, 1991 at the main hospital

Address before Iowa City Kiwanis Club, Nov. 28, 1989

Seminar Feb. 1988 for the River City (Clinton, Ia.) Leadership Institute, Clinton County Chamber of Commerce.

. Lecture- November 1987 at Mount St. Clair College- Invited lecture to the faculty.

"Leisure Today," a two hour presentation for The University of Iowa Alumni Association's Women's Day Program. 1980.

Day-long workshop on "Physical Aspects of Health" presented at the Fall Health Occupations Education Conference at Des Moines, IA, October 18, 1979.

Workshop on "The Pros and Cons of Professionalism," presented for the Iowa Park and Recreation Association's 1979 State Convention at Ames, IA, September, 1979.

Research chair and designer of workshop on "Forced Free Time" for Multi-disciplinary Gerontology Project and Conference on Aging at the Mid-Decade in Des Moines, IA, September 30, 1978. Presentation of findings of Workshop I chaired at conference "Aging at Mid-Decade."

"Therapeutic Recreation: A Philosophical Overview and a Community Opportunity," presented at the Miami, Florida Department of Leisure Services Project "STAR" (Staff Training for Adapted Recreation), August, 1978.


Consultation on "leisure time" for Governor Ray's Committee on Iowa 2000. Also participated in the Iowa 2000 project as a "resource person" in the group devoted to leisure during the conference.

Board Member, Children's Museum of Iowa City.

Vestry Member, Trinity Episcopal Church, Iowa City, Iowa 1989-91, 2001 to present

Senior Warden, Trinity Episcopal Church, Iowa City, Iowa 1990

Professional Advisory Board Member, The Iowa City Science Center, Inc. June 23, 1992