Articles Forthcoming


Jonathan Woon and Sarah Anderson, Political Bargaining and the Timing of Congressional Appropriations

Amber Wichowsky, District Complexity and the Personal Vote

Regina P. Branton, Erin C. Cassese, and Bradford S. Jones, Race, Ethnicity, and U.S. House Incumbent Evaluations

Jennifer Hayes Clark, Examining Parties as Procedural Cartels: Evidence from the U.S. States

Steven Rogers, The Responsiveness of Direct and Indirect Elections

Saul Cunow, Barry Ames, Scott W. Desposato, and Lucio R. Renno, Reelection and Legislative Power: Surprising Results from Brazil

Brian D. Williams, Institutional Change and Legislative Vote Consensus in New Zealand

Lee Drutman and Daniel J. Hopkins, The Inside View: Using the Enron Email Archive to Understand Corporate Political Attention

Eric Lawrence, The Publication of Precedents and its Effect on Legislative Behavior

Paul S. Martin and Michele P. Claibourn, Citizen Participation and Congressional Responsiveness: New Evidence that Participation Matters

Diana Z. O’Brien and Yael Shomer, Legislators’ Motivations, Institutional Arrangements, and Changes in Partisan Affiliation: A Cross-National Analysis of Party Switching

Melanie M. Hughes, The Intersection of Gender and Minority Status in National Legislatures: The Minority Women Legislative Index

David R. Jones, Do Major Policy Enactments Affect Public Evaluations of Congress? The Case of Health Care Reform

Christian B. Jensen, Sven-Oliver Proksch, and Jonathan Slapin, Parliamentary Questions as Fire Alarm Oversight: How National Opposition Status Affects Legislative Behavior in the European Parliament


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