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Cross-listed courses fulfilling the Medieval Studies certificate requirements in any given semester can be found here.

The following courses also qualify for the Medieval Studies certificate. Please consult ISIS to determine which courses are offered in any given semester.

Approved Courses

Art and Art History

01H:040 Introduction to Medieval Art
01H:099 Undergraduate Seminar [when the topic is medieval]
01H:136 Early Medieval Art
01H:137 Romanesque and Gothic Art
01H:138 Gothic Architecture
01H:139 The Sculptural Origins of Michelangelo
01H:140 The World of Giotto and Dante
01H:141 Masaccio to Leonardo da Vinci
01H:142 Leonardo, Raphael, and Their Contemporaries
01H:199 Topics in Art History [when topic is medieval]

Center for the Book

108:142 History of Western Letter Forms
108:145 Blackletter Hands
108:155 Bookbinding: Historical Book Structures (same as 01X:155) [when topic is medieval]
108:181 Literature and the Book [when topic is medieval]
108:182 The Book in the Middle Ages (same as 16E:120)
108:183 The Transition from Manuscript to Print -- K. Kamerick


20L:011 Second-Year Latin I
20L:012 Second-Year Latin II


008:060 Selected Works of the Middle Ages
008:077 Selected Authors [when authors are medieval]
008:101 Literature and Culture of the Middle Ages
008:140 Elementary Old English
008:141 Old English Beowulf
008:142 Medieval Celtic Literature
008:143 Medieval Norse Literature
008:144 Medieval Drama (same as 049:181)
008:146 Chaucer
008:150 Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Literature [when topic is medieval]


009:113 French Civilization


013:244 Middle High German Literature (prerequisite: special permission of instructor)
13E:017 Medieval German Literature: Heroic and Erotic
13E:080 King Arthur Through the Ages
13E:117 Medieval German Literature: Heroic and Erotic


016:045 Middle East and Mediterranean, Alexander to Suleiman
16E:051 Colloquium for History Majors (European) [when topic is medieval]
16E:109 Medieval Civilization I
16E:110 Medieval Civilization II
16E:111 Medieval Intellectual History 300-1150
16E:112 Medieval Intellectual History 1150-1500
16E:113 Economic and Social History of Medieval Europe
16E:117 History of the Medieval Church
16E:118 The Transition from Manuscript to Print -- K. Kamerick [same as 108:183]
16E:119 Women, Marriage, and the Family in the Middle Ages
16E:120 The Book in the Middle Ages (same as 108:182)
16E:139 Ancient and Medieval Science
16W:051 Colloquium for History Majors (World) [when topic is medieval]


018:119 Medieval Italian Literature
018:120 Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature


025:144 History of Music I


026:112 Medieval Philosophy

Religious Studies

032:025 Medieval Religion and Culture
032:120 Jewish Religious Thought
032:119 Jewish Mysticism
032:132 Medieval and Reformation Religious Thought

Spanish and Portuguese

035:160 Medieval Spanish Literature in Context
035:181 Topics in Spanish Literature [when topic is medieval]

Theater Arts

049:181 Medieval Drama (same as 008:144

To inquire whether other courses might qualify for the certificate, please consult with a member of the Medieval Studies Coordinating Committee.


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