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Current and Recent Graduate Students

The following is a list of graduate students at The University of Iowa who are writing, or have recently completed, dissertations that substantially touch upon the Middle Ages. The list includes name of the student, department, dissertation title, director, date of dissertation prospectus meeting or, where relevant, date of graduation and current employment status. The list aims for complete coverage of all medievalist Ph.D.s in progress or completed from 2000 onwards. If you know of a Ph.D. which should be added or of any corrections, please send full details to Glenn Ehrstine.

School of Art and Art History

Nancy Bishop,“The Barberini Gospels.” Dir. Robert Bork. Prospectus approved 2001. Graduated 2004. Teaches at Arkansas Technical University.

Andrea Kann, "Picturing the World: The Illustrated Manuscripts of The Book of John Mandeville." Dir. Robert Bork. Prospectus approved 2000. Graduated 2002. Teaches at The University of Iowa.

Beata Sloan Niedzialkowska, "The Reception and Impact of Flemish Art in Poland in the Late Middle Ages." Dir. Robert Bork. Prospectus approved 1996. Graduated 2004. Teaches at the Maine College of Art.

Danya Crites, "The Parish Churches of Late Medieval Seville."

Department of Classics

Pamela Stucky Skinner, "Cartulary of the Abbey of Clairmarais." Dir. Constance Berman and Carin Green. Graduated 2005.

Department of English

Mark Bruce, "Soverign Amnesias: Literature, Nationalism, and the Shadow of Scotland in Late Medieval Britain." Dir. Claire Sponsler. Graduated 2005. Visiting Assistant Professor at Bethel College, MN.

Chris Burgess

Beth Crachiolo, “‘I am God’s Handmaid’: Virgnity, Violence, and the Viewer in Medieval and Reformation Martyrs’ Lives.” Dir. Claire Sponsler and Jonathan Wilcox. Graduated 2000; tt. at Berea College, KY.

Richard Garrett. Dir. Jon Wilcox

Mary Hayes, "Still small voice: Silence in Medieval English Devotion and Literature." Dir. Claire Sponsler and Jon Wilcox. Graduated 2005. Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky.

Vickie Larsen, "Convents, Pamphlet Wars and Other Utopias: Julian of Norwich's Book of Showings in Context, 1373-1843." Dir. Claire Sponsler.

John Pendell. Dir. Jon Wilcox.

Donald Kimball Smith, “Mapping More Than the World: Shaping the Catrographic Imagination in Late Medieval and Early Modern England.” Dir. Huston Diehl and Claire Sponsler. Graduated 2001. Teaches at Kansas State University.

Lera Baker Smith, “The Relationship of Power, Word, and Light in the Old English Poems of Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Junius 11.” Dir. Jonathan Wilcox. Graduated 2001.

Department of History

Michelle Armstrong-Paratida. Dir. Constance Berman.

Karen Christianson, "Female Power and Male 'Obligation of Reverent Subjection': the Growth of the Order of Fontevraud in Twelfth-Century France." Dir. Constance Berman.

Rebecca Church. Dir. Constance Berman.

Patrick Conyers, "Changing Habits: The Norman Abbey of Savigny and its Congregation, 1105-1175." Dir. Constance Berman. Graduated 2001; visitor at Merced College, CA.

Rene Goethe. Dir. Katherine Tachau

Lisa Harkey, "Heiresses in Southern France, Tenth through Twelfth Centuries." Dir. Constance Berman.

Erin Jordan, "'For the Safety of my Soul': The Religious Patronage of Jeanne and Marguerite of Constantinople, Sisters and Successive Countesses of Flanders and Hainaut, 1206-1280." Dir. Constance Berman. Graduated 2000; tt. at University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO.

Erika Lindgren, "Spirituality, Environment, and Material Culture among German Dominican Women, 1230-1370." Dir. Constance Berman. Graduated 2001; post-doctoral fellow in German/ Women's Studies at Duke University, 2001-02.

Melissa Moreton. Dir. Constance Berman.

Department of Music

Susan Malecki, “Music and Liturgy at Durham Cathedral at the End of the Eleventh Century: A Study of Cosin V.V.6.” Dir. Delores Bruch. Prospectus approved 1998.

Beth Ann Zamzow, “The Influence of the Liturgy on the Fifteenth-Century English Carols.” Dir. D. Martin Jenni. Graduated 2000.

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Esperanza Muñoz Pérez, " La mujer sabia en al-Andalus y en la Castilla medieval." Dir. Denise Filios.


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