Sodium Bicarbonate



Sodium Bicarbonate

44.mEq/50ml (7.5%)---1 Amp
8 in drug tray 

Usual Dose Dose according to pH. 

Adult: Rate of administration: 1meq/kg of body weight over 1-3 min.
Followed by no more than 0.5 meq/kg every 10 minutes.

Pediatric: for patients over 6 months old, 1 meq/kg.--Repeat subsequent doses based on pH.

Neonate ONLY, 2 mEq/kg Repeat subsequent dose based on pH.

Action Buffers acid pH in blood 
Indications metabolic acidosis

Use only 50ml ampoules in cardiac arrest to prevent accidental overdose.
Follow arterial blood gasses to avoid the potential of alkalosis.

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