There are about 2 dozen different species of albatrosses in the world. The Wandering and Royal Albatrosses are the largest. They have the longest wingspan of any living animal, 11-11 1/2 feet. The Laysan Albatrosses featured in the cyclorama are smaller, approximately 2/3's the size of Wandering Albatrosses.

Photo: Tony Palliser

There are only approximately 15,000 pairs of Wandering Albatrosses in the wild. They are found exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere. Wandering Albatrosses don't wander aimlessly. Each bird has a specific territory of the ocean that it stays in until breeding time.

Albatrosses are slow fliers, averaging 15 mph. They continue to fly throughout the night while their brains are half asleep. Altogether they spend more than 90% of their lives in flight.

Albatrosses are long-lived, many live into 40's.

Listen to the call of a Wandering Albatross

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