Contact Information

Contact information for our laboratories and facilities as well as collaborating laboratories.

Our Laboratories & Facilities

Visual Function Laboratories
(S210 GH, S208GH, 207GH, & C405) SIREN Laboratory (0124 RCP)

Contact: Amanda Farmer, Jessica Ferdig, Lacy Flanagan, Sarah Hacker, or Tara Ohrt.
Visual Function Lab Telephone:
(319) 356-2240 (S210)
(319) 256-8749 (S208)
SIREN Lab Telephone:
(319) 384-6801

Public Policy Center

Daniel McGehee, Ph.D.
Telephone: (319) 335-6819
Fax: (319) 335-6801
Email: Daniel-McGehee@uiowa.edu
Website: Human Factors & Vehicle Safety

Visual Cognition Laboratory

Professor Shaun Vecera, Ph.D.
Telephone: (319) 335-0839
Fax: (319) 335-1556
Email: Shaun-Vecera@uiowa.edu
Website: Visual Cognition Laboratory

Digital Artefacts

Joan Severson, MS Computer Science
Email: joan@digitalartefacts.com
Website: Digital Artefacts

Operator Performance Laboratory

Professor Thomas Schnell, Ph.D.
Telephone: (319) 384-0811
Fax: (319) 335-5424
Email: Thomas-Schnell@uiowa.edu
Website: Operator Performance Laboratory

Other Affiliates:

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University of Iowa

National Advanced Driving Center

University of Iowa

Michael Dorneich, Ph.D.

Iowa State University
Adaptive Cognitive Systems Laboratory

John Lee, Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cognitive Systems Laboratory