Our Facilities

The University of Iowa Department of Neurology Division of Neuroergonomics is home to a state-of-the art driving simulator and on-road instrumented vehicles for use in our research. Our labs focus on diverse interests that help us advance toward our goals.


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The Simulator for Interdisciplinary Research in Ergonomics and Neuroscience (SIREN) is a sophisticated fixed base driving simulator designed for research in the clinical setting.
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We developed the Automobile for Research in Ergonomics and Safety (ARGOS) to measure critical aspects of driver control in the field, under conditions that cannot be reproduced in a laboratory.
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We developed the Nissan-Iowa Instrumented Vehicle for Advanced Research for Neuroergonomic Assessment (NIRVANA) to examine objective indices of driving performance in normal and potentially unfit drivers.
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Visual Function Laboratory

The Visual Function Laboratory, located in S210, S208, & S207 GH, is dedicated to studying real world cognition using a variety of neuropsychological techniques.
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People Tracking

People often act differently in controlled laboratory and clinical settings than they do in real life. Rigorous observations of people at work and play in naturalistic settings can help avoid resulting problems.
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Eye Tracking

Tracking eye movement allows us to gather information about attention and gaze in simulation based scenarios.
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