Photo Gallery

Truck Driver explaining to Dr. Rizzo

Giant Food driver Neil Gubernat shows MRB member Matthew Rizzo, MD, one of the many physical tasks involved in checking a truck for safety before a trip.

Drowsy driver having electrodes placed.

A drowsy driver having electrodes placed before drive in SIREN.


Our MiniSim located in C405 with the psychophysiological recording system visible on the right.

Infiniti M56

A new instrumented vehicle which will soon be coming to our facilities.

Assembling SIREN part 1

Assembling SIREN

Assembling SIREN part 2

Assembling SIREN

Tucker presenting

Tucker Krone presenting at the Driving Assessment 2013 Conference.

Drowsy truck driver

Drowsy truck driver around Iowa City, IA.


Microsleep before a head nod in SIREN in a driver with sleep apnea.

Sleep Study Test

A research asssistant hooked up to the sleep study device.

Facility Photo Galleries

Additional photo galleries of our facilities are available on the SIREN, NIRVANA, and ARGOS pages.