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Simulator for Interdisciplinary Research in Ergonomics and Neuroscience

SIREN is a sophisticated fixed base driving simulator designed for research in the clinical setting, in collaboration with Drive Safety (Fort Collins, CO). We built SIREN to create an immersive real-time virtual environment for assessing at-risk drivers in a medical setting. The simulator generates a range of driving environments including roadway types and grades, traffic, signal controls, and light and weather conditions, for differing clinical and experimental needs.

Quantitative measures acquired with SIREN include variables related to steering wheel position, accelerator and brake pedal position, vehicle speed, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, headway, time-to-collision, and driver performance in complex tasks. These data are synchronized with real-time video images of the driver and roadway for detailed analyses of driver behavior.

High fidelity simulations in SIREN allow us to present computer-controlled scenarios that look, sound, and feel like driving over real terrain, yet are more reproducible than an actual road-test. By implementing high-fidelity simulated collision avoidance scenarios, we can safely infer crash risk through direct observations that cannot otherwise be evaluated, including "fatal" safety errors in the final moments preceding a crash.

SIREN has been upgraded:
Five high-resolution monitors provide a 180-degree field of vision with fully digital side and rearview monitors. Improved audio integration and two-way intercom communication allow for seamless correspondence between participants and researchers. An internal quad-cam allows for four angles of view to observe participant responses in real-time for efficient data collection. Steering has been optimized to provide natural feeling feedback and upgraded operating software provides up-to-date interface improvements which truly make SIREN one of a kind.

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SIREN lab photo
SIREN side view
Left Mirror View
Right Mirror View
Driver's Side
Passenger Side
SIREN driver
Quad Cam View