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9th Annual DMC Resource Center Conference

Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines, Iowa (515) 287-2400

The 9th Annual DMC Resource Center conference brought together educators, juvenile court officers, child welfare workers, social workers, police officers, case managers, judges, attorneys and community members to discuss common solutions and successes that will impact the disproportionate minority contact with child welfare and juvenile justice systems and issues related to disparities in schools. Conference participants increased their knowledge about working with youth and their families, diversity and cultural competence, policy, research and best practices. Those working with youth acquired knowledge and were presented with compelling fact based and emotionally charged presentations that underscored the importance of finding alternatives to suspensions, expulsions, referrals to law enforcement, out-of-home placement and other negative approaches.

For more information, please contact Brad Richardson, DMC Resource Center Coordinator, University of Iowa School of Social Work, National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice - DMC Resource Center at (515) 235-4661 (Des Moines), (319) 335-4924 (Iowa City) or email

Materials from the Conference:


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PowerPoint Presentations from the Conference: (more to come)

Shay Bilchik - Opening Plenary - Evaluation

Russ Skiba - Opening Plenary - Evaluation

Lisa D'Aunno - Legal Strategies for Addressing DMC - Evaluation

LaTasha Massey - My Beaut"I"ful Self Program Using Girls Circle Model - Evaluation

Suzan Stroud - A Hard Look in the Mirror - Evaluation

Russ Skiba - Let's Not Wait: Intervening at Schools - Evaluation

Tracey Campfield, Rebecca Jones Gaston - Casey Breakthrough Series Collaboration - Evaluation

Ruth Frush, Todd Meyerhoff, Joyce Mays Bennett - Iowa's JDAI: Waterloo - Evaluation

Cory McClure - Mediation in Child Welfare - Evaluation

Stephan Pearson, Will Meier, Beth Ortmann - Youth Panel: Woodbury County - Evaluation

Hasan Davis - Looking Back to Move Forward - Evaluation

Cora Turner, Tim Pillack - Reducing Disproportionality at Referral - Evaluation

Robert Macy, Frank Grijalva - Employing Trauma Informed Practice - Evaluation

David Gleiser - Iowa's JDAI: Sioux City - Evaluation

Judge Joe Smith - Race, Racism & White Privilege - Evaluation

Suzan Stroud, Oronde Miller - Conversation with the Authors - Evaluation

Lisa D'Aunno - Utilizing In Home Services - Evaluation

John Hall - Effective Strategies in Memphis Public Schools - Evaluation

Pat Penning, Micki Robinson, Frank LaMere, Tom Bouska - MYFI & BSC Projects in Sioux City & Des Moines - Evaluation

Bruce Bernard, Marilyn Lantz - Iowa's JDAI: Des Moines - Evaluation

Hasan Davis - Closing Plenary - Evaluation


Sulaiman Mohammed

Sulaiman Muhammed at 2011 Conference Opening Session

also see Suliaman on youtube at:


Pat Parker Brad Richardson Sulaiman Muhammed/2011 Conference Opening

Featured speakers:

Shay Bilchik, J.D., Georgetown University, Center for Juvenile Justice Reform

Russ Skiba, Ph.D., Indiana University

Dr. Russ Skiba

Andrea Coleman, State Representative, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (via Skype)

Hasan Davis, J.D., Deputy Commissioner in Charge of Operations at Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice & Founder at Empowerment Solutions

Hasan Davis, J.D.

Lisa DAunno, The University of Iowa, National Resource Center for In Home Services

Suzan Stroud, Charlotte, North Carolina

John Hall, Memphis Tennessee Schools

John Hall

Frank LaMere, Sioux City, Iowa

Frank LaMere

Pat Parker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Pat Parker

Brad Richardson, Conference Organizer

Brad Richardson, Ph.D. Research Director,

The University of Iowa School of Social Work

National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice

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The University of Iowa School of Social Work

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