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6th Annual DMC Resource Center Conference

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6th Annual DMCRC Conference 2007 Proceedings

Chapter 6: Linking Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Education & Health to Reduce Racial Disparities


Press Release - Governor's Office, November 28, 2007

News Release - University of Iowa, November 15, 2007

Iowa Independent - Culver Tells Conference on Race Disparities: - "We Must and Can Do Better"

Iowa Independent - Racism Suspected in Criminal Justice, School Discipline Rates

Governor Culver, Brad Richardson and Shay Bilchik

Gov. Chet Culver waves to the audience after speaking Thursday at a conference on racial disparities. Standing at right are speakers Brad Richardson of the University of Iowa's School of Social Work's DMC Resource Center and Shay Bilchik of the Center for Juvenile Justice and Systems Reform at Georgetown University and Syeta Glanton, the Governor's Policy Liaison. (Click here for DM Register article)

Powerpoint Presentations

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Photos from the 2007 DMC Resource Center & Minority Youth and Families Initiative Conference

Governor Culver, Brad Richardson, Shay Bilchik & Syeta Glanton

Brad Richardson, Salome Raheim and Marvin Spencer Opening Presentation

Lori Reynolds, IA Federation for Children's MH presents Clone Award


Frank LaMere speaks at Opening Plenary

Shay Bilchik, Brad Richardson, Syeta Glanton, Governor Culver at Opening Plenary

Shay Bilchik emphasizes point at opening plenary

Governor Speaks to Packed Audience at 2007 DMC Conference

Stephan Pearson, Brad Richardson, Jeremy Kohomban at Reception

Walter Reed, Director, Dept. of Human Rights at 2007 DMC Conference

Tom Begich provided music at the 2007 DMC Conference reception

Gary Blau and Brad Richardson

Brad Richardson, Julia Charles and Youth Panel, Closing Plenary

Syeta Glanton, Brad Richardson, Bart Lubow at Closing Plenary


Bart Lubow announces Iowa as Annie E. Casey JDAI site award

Youth Panel at 2007 DMC Conference

Isiserettes at 2007 DMC Conference performance

Karl Dennis gives Pat Parker autographed book

Pre-Conference Training Institute with Pat Parker

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