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7th Annual DMC Resource Center Conference

2008 DMC Resource Center Conference
The 7th Annual DMC Resource Center Conference brought together juvenile court officers, social workers, educators, police officers, case managers, judges, attorneys and community members to discuss common solutions and successes that will impact disproportionate minority contact in Iowa. Participants increased their knowledge about working with youth and their families, diversity and cultural competence, policy, and best practices. People working with youth in and around the juvenile court system acquired knowledge and were present for current research on the topic of racial disparities and ways to eliminate those disparities along very compelling emotionally charged presentations that underscore the importance of finding alternatives to confinement and other negative approaches. Proceedings and conference evaluations for the will be posted below.

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National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice, DMC Resource Center

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DMC Conference Program "Fair and Equal Treatment Under the Law"


Article on DMC Conference appearing in Cedar Rapids Gazette Dec. 6, 2008

Iowa educators tackle uneven discipline for black students


Karega Rausch Pre-Conference and Workshop sessions on Understanding & Reducting Disproportionality in School Discipline

Conference Evaluations

Pictures from the 2008 DMC Conference:

2008 DMC Conference Opening Plenary

Khatib Waheed, Dr. Robert Hill, Pat Parker (seated), Dr. Rita Camerson Wedding and Dr. Brad Richardson

Dr. Robert Hill keynote on disproportionality in the child welfare system

Dr. Richardson and Dr. Rita Cameron Wedding at the conclusion of the opening plenary

Natalie Anderson, DMC Committee Member & Dr. Rita Cameron Wedding

Dr. Richardson and Shannon Alvarez, Girls Circle Trainer

Jeremy Kohomban, The Village, keynote address

Isiserettes perform at the closing of the 2008 Conference.

The Isiserettes will also perform at the inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington DC on January 20, 2009.

[Donations are being sought to help fund their trip for the inaugural performance -

for more information about donations contact Pam Williams at 515-246-9959.]

Click here to visit a website with a video of performance

(it's a blog too so be sure to read some of the remarks - indicative that we've still got much work to do!)
Click here for a link to the Isiserettes official website

Goro Toshima interviewed by Julia Charles about his movie "A Hard Straight"

Leonard Burton, closing plenary speaker at the 2008 DMC Conference

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