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DMC Resource center

The Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Resource Center serves statewide and community efforts to reduce disproportionality and over-representation of minority youth in the juvenile justice and child welfare system by assisting with evaluation, analysis of data, and providing technical assistance on issues including child welfare, health and education-related disparities.

The DMC Resource Center was sponsored by the Iowa Department of Human Services, Iowa Department of Human Rights, Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning until September of 2012.


Current research is underway to gather the lived experience of those who have been involved in child welfare and juvenile justice. Until recently juvenile justice and child welfare were considered separate systems. Recent research has brought attention to the overlap (i.e., “crossover”) in the population being served by those two systems and intersection with the problem of disproportionality and racial disparities that exist in both systems.  There is increasing awareness that early childhood trauma and involvement in child welfare system has long-term consequences including involvement in juvenile justice and criminal justice systems.  I am currently seeking young adults who have been involved with these systems. By talking with those who have lived experience I am hoping to find ways to improve these systems. I will not reveal anyone’s identity and will maintain confidentiality and you (or anyone else) will not know who I have spoken to. I would like for anyone who would like to contact me to call me on my cell phone:

Dr. Brad Richardson    Cell phone: 515.771.3589.

Because I am especially interested in disproportionality, we are particularly interested in talking with those of African-American or Native American descent.  The discussion will be very open-ended and allow each individual to express their own points of view about their experience and recommendations.

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