Disproportionate Minority Confinement Committee of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Council

April 1, 2002

The Disproportionate Minority Confinement Committee of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Council met April 1, 2002 at the Drake University Resource Center. People present: Michael Leiber, presiding; John-Paul Chaisson-Cardenas, David Farley, Robert Greenlee, Brad Richardson, Lori Rinehart, Carl Smith, Marvin Spencer. Staff members present were: Dave Kuker, Scott Musel, Amy Croll, Eric Sage, Janet Clayton.

The summary of the February 13, 2002 meeting was approved and will be mailed to all the members of the
JJAC Council.

DMC Resource Center Update

Richardson reviewed the website menu for the DMC Resource Center and explained each of the pages. He invited questions. Leiber suggested the inclusion of several studies either by link to the OJJDP web site or addition to this web site.

Chaisson reviewed the per-county numbers of DMC incarcerations or detentions and reported on efforts to date before contacting the six selected sites that will receive technical assistance. Both of them are focusing on this aspect of the grant. After collecting and making contacts, the first site visit will begin. Ed Barnes will do Waterloo and Pat Parker will do Des Moines. Chaisson has Davenport and Muscatine and Richardson will work on Sioux City and the three-county cluster of Hamilton, Humboldt, Wright Counties. Chaisson also reported on their evaluation efforts.

Richardson reported the state of Wisconsin is seeking DMC funding and is using Iowa as an example of how to proceed to establish a resource center.

The Pella Central College White Privilege Conference will have a table of information and pamphlets. We are invited to display literature. Julie Spears and Kim Nissen will staff the event. DMC Committee is invited to attend.

Kuker introduced David Farley, Executive Director of the Native Family Resource Center, a new member of the committee.

Three-year Plan

Kuker reported on Iowa's DMC initiative as listed in Iowa's three-year Plan that has been submitted to the federal government through the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Technical assistance will be requested from the federal government through OJJDP to provide speakers for the DMC Conference. OJJDP is pleased with what we are doing.

Farley asked about the role of this committee. Kuker referred to the matrices in the three-year plan of children in detention. Much discussion centered on the makeup of the matrices.

Communication Efforts

Leiber called attention to the Op-Ed piece which ran in three Iowa newspapers. He noted the efforts of Tom Gilsenan and staff. He suggested that in the future we put a local name on the piece at each different newspaper.

Leiber asked for a subcommittee to focus on media public relations and named Julie Spears from the University of Iowa, Allison Fleming and Bob Greenlee to serve on the committee. Kuker will call Stephan Pearson.

Leiber and Julie Spears will prepare a pamphlet/fact sheet for the upcoming conferences. U of I will print this one and this committee will pay to produce the bigger brochure. John Paul will provide focus information for each of the two difference conferences coming up.

DMC Diversion RFA Review Process

Applications for this RFA are due April 26. Kuker listed the cities that have called with questions about the RFA. He also asked for volunteer reviewers. The Grant Review Committee will meet Tuesday, May 21 at the Drake Resource Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

DMC Aftercare Application

This application will drop early to mid-May with the review process to follow.

Cultural Competency Discussion

Chaisson addressed the cultural competency section of the RFA. His handout discussed the
general consensus of what cultural competency is, what the ideal agency has to be culturally competent.
Do certain groups deal from privilege? Do communities feel the need to change? Can you increase the level of competence? Cultural competency is an agency's ability to work effectively with people who are culturally different than they are. How to use for incentive for growth. How can we use our systems of care to reflect the needs of the people we are trying to help? Kuker asked how we can get this concept to the people to whom we give our money?

Recruitment of New Members to the Committee

Kuker and Leiber will address this. Eddie Moore from Pella Central College was suggested to be invited to become a member.

Next meeting

The next meeting date is open. Agenda items will be formality of the committee, project management, technical assistance, assessment, conference.


Rudy Simms is looking for a youth volunteer for the Mayor's Council on Hate and Hate Crimes. There is a cultural awareness workshop coming to Mercy for people who work with the Asian and Bosnian population in Des Moines.

Janet Clayton, Recording Secretary