Meeting Summary
Disproportionate Minority Confinement Committee
Resource Center, Drake University
December 18, 2001

The Disproportionate Minority Confinement Subcommittee of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Council met December 18, 2001 at the Drake University Resource Center. Members present were: Mike Leiber, presiding; Devon Binion, Allison Fleming, Stephan Pearson, Sara Petersen, Lori Rinehart, Carl Smith, Marvin Spencer (by telephone), Miguel Trevino. Members absent were: Henry Bevel, III; Tony Burrell, Pat Gordon, Robert Greenlee, Jean Lumsden. Staff members present were: Janet Clayton, Dave Kuker, Scott Musel, Amy Ostrander, Eric Sage.

Before revealing the reviewer scores for each applicant, the subcommittee agreed to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each applicant.

The applications were discussed and reviewed relative to the grant criteria.

Following the discussion, the rating scores were revealed. The National Resource Center received the highest score, followed by Iowa Substance Abuse with PACE third. The State Public Policy Group fourth, followed by Building Families Empowerment fifth. There being no objections to the top score, the committee suggested staff call the National Resource Center to seek clarification of questions brought up by the committee.

Leiber summarized the concerns for No. 5, the National Resource Center - tighten up the evaluation, specifics on cultural competency - trained people on board, but need more on how to accomplish that. Who will chair the DMC conference? Lack of youth involvement - generally and at conference. Some concerns about money allotted for the conference. Make sure there is a balance between differential offending and bias. Not caught up in changing the family and group, but that they are aware of system issues as well.

If The National Resource Center does not concur with the committee's requests, then the DMC committee will reconvene for further discussions.

Committee asked if scores were prepared by rank. The National Resource Center still came out first.

Smith was impressed with the caliber of the group of applicants and appreciated the efforts of the Subcommittee.

The Subcommittee would like the recipient to meet with the DMC Subcommittee first to give a presentation on its proposal before addressing the entire Council. They will be invited to send a representative to the next DMC Committee meeting if the Council approves the recommendation.

The recommendation by Leiber was to have staff call the intended recipient to address the questions, if staff satisfied with responses, make the recommendation to the Juvenile Justice Advisory Council at its ICN meeting on Thursday, December 20, invite the recipient to address this subcommittee. The procedure outlined was agreed to by all.


Summary Minutes

Summary of the last meeting was declared correct and ready to be sent to the Juvenile Justice Advisory Council.


Discussion followed on a suggested brochure to market the efforts by JJAC to address the issue of DMC.
Leiber asked about preparing a press release naming the recipient of the resource center grant with some facts about the subject of DMC. Smith also suggested an op-ed piece in several papers about Iowa's commitment to young people. Leiber suggested an op-ed piece could be prepared for Martin Luther King Day or Cultural Diversity Month. Amy Ostrander offered the services of Tom Gilsenan, former newspaper publisher and Ph.D. student to prepare free of charge an op-ed for review at the next Subcommittee meeting. The other three communities should be contacted too -- Cedar Rapids Gazette, Quad City Times, Waterloo Courier, Sioux City Journal.

The chairman asked for and received permission to table item number 6 until the next meeting.

Recruitment Efforts -

The Subcommittee was asked to consider other people from around the state who might like to serve on this subcommittee. Several names were suggested and those people will be contacted. This will be an agenda item again.

Item 7 on the agenda. Tabled for a time.

Kuker reviewed the Diversion RFA activities. The RFA will drop late winter or early spring. An ICN was held with the Juvenile Court Officers and a call back was made. Interest on the part of the Courts is there for some DMC diversion. We have asked the Council for additional DMC diversion funding. We had $80,000 from the past year to be added to another $80,000 next year. Smith suggested we ask the consultant to review the RFA for comment before releasing the RFA. Heidi Shaw from OJJDP reviewed it also.

Leiber would also like Heidi Shaw to receive a copy of the Resource Center application.

Leiber reviewed discussions at a brief meeting on the ICN with the JCOs after the November JJAC meeting. Most ideas from the JCO Chiefs seemed to deal more with prevention or reducing recidivism as its focus. Not as court related per se.

Future meetings - Next meeting January 7th. New people will be invited. Major purpose is to hear from the National Resource Center. Afternoon session would be to review the op-ed piece and other business. After new people come on board, a training session will be held.


Janet Clayton,
Recording Secretary