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The NRCFCP offers a variety of information resources. Over 125 bibliographies and 70 publications--including monographs on topics of current interest and research reports from family centered programs--are currently available from the Center. The NRC/FCP houses a special library of materials devoted to different areas of family-centered practice. In addition, the Center's staff has access to numerous other collections, databases, and other sources of information. The NRC publication, The Prevention Report, which describes new and innovative practice approaches, research findings, and reviews of new books and materials, is distributed to more than 25,000 individuals and organizations nationwide. To get the online version of the Prevention Report, be sure to join the NRCFCP e-mail list. If you need information of family-centered programs, policy, or practice issues, please browse our publications, links, or contact us for additional information.

Past Prevention Reports
Announcement of The Prevention Report E-edition by: Miriam Landsman, Executive Director
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    • Changing Practice: The Making of a Patch Team
      by Karin Eileen Krauth
    • Community-Centered Practice to Strengthen Families and Neighborhoods: The Patch Approach (Abstract)
      by Paul Adams and Karin Krauth
    • Final Report on the Iowa Patch Project -- Strengthening Families and Neighborhoods: A Community-Centered Approach
      by Paul Adams, Catherine Alter, Karin Krauth, Mark St. Andre, Martin Tracy
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