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Evaluation & Outcomes

Evaluation of Nonprofit Agencies Workshop

June 17, 2014
9:00 am—4:00 pm
University of Iowa
BioVentures Center
2500 Crosspark

Come spend a day learning about evaluation and how you can use it effectively in your agency. In this course you will learn:

♦ the different types of evaluation
♦ differences between process and outcome evaluation
♦ how to write a logic model and an effective evaluation plan
♦ preparing performance measures that help you collect relevant and realistic data
♦ qualitative data collection methods
♦ surveying
♦ data reporting
♦ dissemination plans
♦ how to work with evaluators

Intended Audience

Program managers, program directors, grant writers, and anyone who is interested in evaluation. No experience is necessary, but please come prepared with questions and concerns about your current evaluation practice.

Registration & Fees

The cost to attend Evaluation of Nonprofit Agencies is $65.00 per person. Make your check payable to the NRC and mail to:
Julia Neff
National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice
UI Research Park
100 MTP4, Room 162
Iowa City, IA 52242-5000
To register, please fill out the registration form and send to NRC.

Working with Outcomes
This one-day training introduces participants to outcome evaluation, and takes participants through the steps of developing outcomes and measures, and planning for data collection and reporting. The workshop combines instruction with hands-on practice.

Evaluation  101 - Evaluation for the Rest of Us

The expression "do your level best" originated during the California Gold Rush of the 1840's, when prospectors panning for gold would shake the sand and gravel from the riverbed until it was level, the better to spot the fragments of gold.  Learn how to increase your capacity and confidence about evaluation so that you can make the "gold" in your work stand out.

Introduction to Logic Models

Learn basic evaluation such as formative, process and outcome evaluation; what a logic model is; and how to create a program and evaluation logic model for your program.  This is hands-on training that will add a new skill to your toolbox.

Stress Free Outcomes
Outcomes are designed to demonstrate through documentation that intended results of programs have been achieved. An added benefit is that programs are able to see for themselves how effective they have been and where improvements can be made. This session presents an approach to outcomes that is easy to implement and simple to process. The results of two large-scale, multiple-site evaluations are covered, with an explanation of how similar basic outcome measures approaches can be achieved. Discussion of the results, their meaning, and the process necessary to obtain these and similar outcome measures from agency staff will be provided.

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