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Diagnosis of Head and Neck Pain

Diagnosis of Head and Neck Pain is an instructional CD-ROM has been developed by ITRP for medical and dental education.

Description: The diagnosis of head and neck pain conditions requires a combination of problem solving skills and patient-to-practitioner communication. Because these conditions have few accepted definitions their diagnosis is difficult and rarely performed by general dentist. Instruction in the diagnosis of these conditions is even more difficult. The Diagnosis of Head and Neck Pain is designed to teach background information and allow students to review actual patient interviews. It is designed to teach the skills required to diagnose head and neck pain conditions. The lesson presents a digital video patient interview for each of 16 common conditions.

  • Classic Migraine
  • Common Migraine
  • Cluster Headache
  • Hypertensive Headache
  • Cranial Arteritis
  • CaroTidynia
  • Masticatory Myofascial pain
  • Non-Masticatory myofascial pain
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia
  • Post Herpetic neuralgia
  • Eagle's Syndrome
  • TMJ Arthralgia
  • Cracked tooth Syndrome
  • Degenerative Arthritis of TMJ
  • A student watches the interview on the computer screen and replays the interview as needed. Tutorials on anatomy of the region (includes graphics and text on muscles, temporomandibular joints, trigeminal nerves and arteries) and patient interviewing techniques are included. In addition, a series of seven case studies allow students to practice patient interviewing techniques for diagnosis of head and neck pain. Finally, the program contains a diagnositic aid for head and neck pain symptoms.

    Goals of Project: Diagnosis of Head and Neck Pain is intended as an adjunct to classroom instruction and for continuing education. It is designed to run on todays desktop computer systems (16 MB RAM, Pentium, Win95, 4x CDROM, 8 bit graphics). Diagnosis of Head and Neck Pain is available for purchase (order form).

    Click on the minitures of screen shots from the Diagnosis of Head and Neck Pain CD-ROM to view a full sized picture: 

    [Chapter Menu]

    "Chapter menu" of program Diagnosis of Head and Neck Pain. Note the chapters on anatomy, patient conditions, patient evaluation and case studies.

    [Anatomy Chapter]

    Screen from the "Anatomy" tutorial. Students navigate at their own pace and may review any information in this section at any time.

    [Conditions Chapter]

    Screen from the "Conditions" chapter. Students control (with pause, play and slider bars) a lengthy digital movie with audio of an interview with a patient describing symptoms related to a head and neck pain condition. There are over 16 conditions and related patient interviews covered in the program.

    [Case Studies Chapter]

    Screen from the "Case Studies". Students click on a question in each simulated case and receive a text response answer from the patient. Students must keep track of the responses on a paper notepad and determine a diagnosis.

    Purchasing Information

    The Diagnosis of Head and Neck Pain CD-ROM

    from The University of Iowa Continuing Education and OPRM

    There are two types of packages that are offered for this product: Continuing Dental Education and Educational Sites. Educational sites are defined as higher educational institutions. CDE users are individuals and small groups of dental professionals applying for continuing dental education credits. This CD-ROM, if satisfactorily completed, awards 6 hours of CDE credit in the State of Iowa. Educational Sites must contact Jamie Sharp (319) 335-7166 for purchasing arrangements. Price for the CDE professional is $200.

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