Loan Repayment

Many students use loans as a way to help pay for college. When they have finished school, it is time to pay these loans back. It is important that students understand the terms and repayment responsibilities of their loans. Student loans are very difficult to discharge in bankruptcy, so borrowing choices made now could affect a student for the rest of their life. The federal government wants to make it as easy as possible for students to repay their loans; therefore, repayment terms are often very flexible.

With every loan received, students have rights and responsibilities. Students should review their loan documents before they begin repayment to refresh themselves with their repayment options. If a student is unable to locate their Federal Direct Loan documents, they should go to to determine their Federal Direct Loan servicer. Contact information for the various Federal Direct Loan servicers is available on the web site.

It is important for students to keep track of the total amount of loans that they have borrowed. Students can view their federal loan history using the U.S. Department of Education's central database.

There are several loan repayment options that are available to federal student loan borrowers. These options are meant to help students stay on track with loan repayment as their financial situation changes. Students can estimate their monthly loan payment by using the U.S. Department of Education's interactive calculator on the Federal Student Aid web site and chosing different repayment options. The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) has developed repayment interest rate tables (PDF) to illustrate the loan and interest payments borrowers will face when they repay their loans.

If a student ever experiences difficulty in making a loan payment, they should always contact their loan servicer to prevent loan default. The loan servicer will work with the student and explore all options to avoid default.

The Office of Student Financial Aid awards loans, but does not work with the repayment of loans. Listed below is contact information for loan repayment questions.

Federal Direct Loans

Direct Loan Servicing Center (


Federal Perkins Loan, Nursing Loan, and Health Professions Loan

Educational Computer Systems Incorporated (ECSI) (

1-888-549-ECSI (3274)

University of Iowa Hallway (Emergency) Loans, Institutional, and Law Foundation Loans

University of Iowa Student Loan Administration Office (

319-335-0071; 800-943-4557

One-on-one meetings with Financial Literacy staff allow resources and tools to be tailored to undergraduate students' unique budgeting, borrowing, and repayment concerns. To set up an individual consultation, email