ISIS & Human Resources Self Service Access for Students


Payroll information and forms can be accessed from ISIS. As a student, you log onto ISIS using your Hawk ID and password.  However, you cannot access any of the information listed below until your appointment form has been created by your employer and recorded by the Payroll Office.


Payroll Forms & Information

Once logged into ISIS, click on the following links:

  • Student Records (top tool bar)
  • HR Self Service & Earnings Statement (under the Personal tab)
  • Under Payroll, click on W-4 Tax Withholding Form, Direct Deposit, or Paycheck Review for forms or additional information
  • Under Time Reporting, click on Employee Time Records to report work hours


W-4 Tax Withholding Form

If you do not submit this form,the Payroll Office will use an automatic default of single and zero allowances (highest withholding rate). This form is interactive and can be completed on the web.


Direct Deposit

Your paycheck will be directly deposited in any bank in the United States. This form is interactive and can be completed on the web. The website displays a sample check showing you where to locate your bank routing/transit number and your account number. When you enter the routing/transit number, the name of your bank should appear. However, sometimes the bank file has not been updated with the latest bank name for your routing/transit number. If you are sure that your routing/transit number is correct, even if the bank name is incorrect, your deposit will be sent to the same bank as printed on your check. If a bank name does not appear, send a direct deposit form with a voided check to the Payroll Office (120-30 USB) so the bank can be set up on the bank file.


Paycheck Review

You can view a listing of all past employment checks from the University. By clicking on an individual payroll check number, you can view the information specific to that check (similar to a pay stub). By clicking on Earnings within the individual check information, you can see the hours listed for that pay period (similar to a time record).


Employee Time Records

University employees are required to enter work hours on-line. View On-Line Time Reporting for additional information.  You also can view time records for past biweekly periods.