On-Line Time Reporting


  • Log onto ISIS using your HawkID and password.
  • Click on Student Records on the top bar, then on HR Self Service and Earnings Statements.
  • You are now at your HR Self Service Employee web page. Click on Employee Time Records under Time Reporting on the Personal tab.
  • Click on the date under Period Ending for the appropriate biweekly time period. View the Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule if you are unsure of the date. If you have more than one biweekly student job at the University, you must select the electronic employee time record for the appropriate job based on the departmental information provided.
  • Enter the hours worked by day. The system will add the hours for the weekly total. Use the hours chart below for assistance recording time less than one hour--each six minutes worked is one-tenth (.1) of an hour. You can enter your hours daily and click on save and exit or you can enter all hours at the end of the biweekly period. Once the biweekly period is over and the employee time record is complete, click on submit to supervisor.
Minutes Worked
Time Recorded
Minutes Worked
Time Recorded


.1   36 .6


.2   42 .7


.3   48 .8


.4   54 .9


.5   60 1


  • The first time you click on submit to supervisor, a page will display showing not listed under supervisor name. Select not listed and click continue.
  • Enter the name of the person designated by your employing department to approve your on-line time record. Check with your supervisor if you are unsure. Type the designated person's last name and first name in the boxes and click on continue. Select the appropriate person's name and click on continue.
  • At this point, your time record has been saved in workflow and automatically submitted to the departmental time records approver.
  • The next time you submit your time record to your supervisor, the name you entered above will automatically be displayed for you to select. If you change jobs, you will need to insure that you select the appropriate person to receive your electronic time record.
  • You can view any submitted electronic time records on this system, but you cannot edit the record.