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The Self-Study Report

The University of Iowa Athletics Self-Study Certification Committees has completed the Self-Study Report. The full report, as well as its individual sections—on Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance, Academic Integrity, and Equity and Student Welfare—appear below.

• The University of Iowa 2004-2005 Division 1 Athletics Certification Self-Study Instrument

Full Report <
Large PDF file here>

Supplement to the Report <PDF file here>

Individual sections of the report are below.

• Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance
<PDF file here>

• Academic Integrity Report <PDF file here>

• Equity and Student-Athlete Welfare Report <Large PDF file here>

Your Comments
Campus and public comment constitute a significant part of the certification process. To comment on the report or on any aspect of the certification process, please address your comments by e-mail to or by Campus or US mail to Pat Cain, Chair, Office of the Provost, 111 Jessup Hall, 319.335.3991

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