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Operations Manual The University of Iowa

January 20, 2015


Thank you for your assistance in providing information for the online Operations Manual, the most current statement of University of Iowa policy. All revisions have been made in compliance with the Protocol for Approval of University Policies for The University of Iowa Operations Manual.

Part I. Governance consists of governance descriptions, statutory authorizations, and mission statements of University of Iowa units, as well as of "Affiliated Organizations" -- organizations that are legally distinct from The University of Iowa but are affiliated with the University by virtue of their related missions. Part II. Community Policies includes policies with broad application to all members of the University community, such as the Human Rights Policy. Part III. Human Resources includes policies which apply to faculty and staff. Part IV. Students includes policies which have distinct application to students. Part V. Administrative, Financial, and Facilities Policies includes all policies formerly listed under the headings "Financials" and "Buildings and Campus Facilities." Part VI. Services describes services available to the entire University community.

Some policies are followed by a "Review" that includes a policy summary and/or frequently asked questions. Offices/units responsible for each policy are listed in the Table of Contents, in parentheses, following chapter and policy name. When applicable, policy texts are followed by their legal sources: IC=Iowa Code, IAC=Iowa Administrative Code, RPM=Regents Policy Manual, CFR=Code of Federal Regulations.

Interpretation and Application of Policies
Members of the University community with questions regarding the interpretation and application of a policy may seek advice from the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations, the General Counsel, or the vice president designated in the Table of Contents as responsible for the policy.

The Offices of the General Counsel and the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations may also be contacted for facilitating policy development and review.

What's New in the Operations Manual
Please check What's New in the University of Iowa Operations Manual for redlined versions of policies added or amended throughout the year.

We rely on and appreciate your continued assistance in updating the Operations Manual. We hope you find it a useful reference.


Rod Lehnertz
Interim Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations

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