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Operations Manual The University of Iowa



(Amended 9/93; 10/94; 7/95; 9/98; 8/12/10; 5/15)
1.1 Student Rules and Regulations
1.2 Indebtedness
1.3 Photographs for Publication

(Amended 8/12/10; 5/15)

Effective May 2015, this policy has been reorganized. Excerpts from the Code of Student Life and the Student Judical Procedure have been deleted; this policy now links directly to those documents in their entirety. For individual changes to this policy, see the redlined version.

As expressed in the IOWA Challenge, University of Iowa students are called to excel academically, stretch to embrace diversity, engage in positive student life and leadership, choose a healthy lifestyle, and serve the community.

In order to maintain a safe campus where students can meet the IOWA Challenge, The University of Iowa has adopted the Code of Student Life. The Code of Student Life sets forth standards of student behavior and conduct necessary for the maintenance of a campus where ideas are freely exchanged, University property and processes are safeguarded, and conflicts are peacefully resolved. Each University of Iowa student has an obligation to know and adhere to the Code of Student Life, and each University of Iowa student shall be conclusively presumed to have knowledge of the contents of the Code of Student Life from the date of the student's initial registration at the University.

Pursuant to Iowa Administrative Code [681]12.2(262), the President is the Chief Administrative Officer for The University of Iowa. The President has nominated, and the Board of Regents has appointed, a Vice President for Student Life with overall responsibility for student-related matters, including but not limited to student conduct and discipline. The Vice President for Student Life has, in turn, delegated considerable authority for the establishment of rules and handling of violations to the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students has also granted some discretion for establishing rules and handling certain rule violations to the professional staff of University Housing and Dining.

University of Iowa students are responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules and regulations set forth in the current version of the Policies and Regulations Affecting Students available from the Office of the Dean of Students. Students should be particularly aware of the Code of Student Life and the Student Judicial Procedure, both of which are frequently referenced in this Operations Manual.

Students should also be aware of the Board of Regents Uniform Rules of Personal Conduct in the Iowa Administrative Code [681]9.1(262).

Any student who is financially indebted to the University after the date specified on each monthly bill, will be considered delinquent and may have his or her registration and privileges restricted. A student who has an unsettled financial indebtedness to the University may not register for classes unless permission is granted by the Financial Delinquency Committee. Credentialing documents may be withheld during the period in which the indebtedness remains unsettled.

Photographs, film, or video tapes for publication for commercial purposes may only be made of University programs, events, or activities in University buildings upon the invitation of or approval of the immediate supervisor of the program, event, or activity. If a decision to grant or deny invitation or approval is challenged, an appeal may be made to the vice president within whose responsibility the program, event, or activity is assigned.

(IAC [681]12.7(4))

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