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Operations Manual The University of Iowa



(Amended 9/93; 10/95; 10/04)
6.1 Definitions
6.2 Notice to Students
6.3 Right to Inspect and Review
6.4 Release of Information by University
6.5 Amendment of Student Education Records
6.6 Record of Requests

This statement of institutional policy regarding the treatment of student education records is consistent with Section 438 of the General Education Provision Act, Title IV of Pub. L. 90-247, as amended, and popularly known as the Buckley Amendment, or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).


The University will notify students at least annually that they have rights under the Act by placing a statement in Policies and Regulations Affecting Students or in other publications likely to be read by students.


The University will permit each student to inspect and review records pertaining to him or her and maintained by the University that meet the definition of "education records." However, a student may not inspect the following records:

Records are not maintained in a central location on the campus but are located in appropriate offices throughout the University. Most students' academic records are kept in one or more of the University college(s) from which they took courses.

Some departments may maintain records separate from the college. Information concerning departments which have separate records, their location, and the person responsible for the record may be obtained from the office of the dean of the college in which the department is located.

In addition, students may have records in one or more of the following offices:

Students may formally request to inspect and review records by completing an inspection request form, which may be obtained at the Office of the Registrar, and presenting it to the office that maintains the desired records. In addition, record custodians may comply with informal requests to review and inspect education records without requiring an inspection form. The office will respond to a formal request within 45 days of the date the request is presented by making available for inspection and review during the regular office hours of that office, those requested records that are covered by the Act. The University may have a staff member or official present at any time during the inspection and review. In addition, reasonable requests for explanation and interpretations of the records will be honored by the record custodian. Students may have copies made of their records if necessary to effect the right to inspect and review the record, or when a disclosure is made to another institution, or at the discretion of the custodian of the record. Reasonable charges for copies may be made to the student.

The University will not disclose personally identifiable information (except directory information as defined above in IV-6.1c) from the education records of students without the prior consent of the student except to exempted persons. Such consent will specify the records to be disclosed, the purpose of disclosure, and to whom the disclosure is to be made.

The University may, at its discretion, disclose directory information to any person or to the public unless the student formally requests that such information not be released without consent. To restrict the release of directory information and to avoid publication of the information in the University directory, a formal request must be completed in the Office of the Registrar within seven calendar days following the first day of classes of fall semester. The request will be effective as long as the student is enrolled at The University of Iowa. Former students may restrict address and telephone information. A request made during spring semester or summer session will be effective only for the balance of that year and cannot be effectuated with respect to information published in the University Directory.

The University will consider the formal request of a student to amend information in his or her education record which he or she believes to be inaccurate, misleading or a violation of his or her rights. "Amendment" may include, but is not limited to, deletion or correction of information in the record or the addition of a statement commenting on the information in the record. Formal requests for amendments should be made in writing to the Office of the Registrar, which will forward the request to the University staff or faculty member who is the custodian of the record. A decision by the staff or faculty member to amend or not will be reached within a reasonable time.

If an amendment satisfactory to the student is not granted, the student may >file a request for a hearing in writing to the Office of the Registrar. A hearing before a person appointed by the President of the University, or his or her designee, will be held within a reasonable time after the request is received. The student will be informed of the date, place and time of the hearing and may present relevant evidence and be assisted or represented by one or more persons of his or her choice, at his or her own expense, including an attorney. The decision of the hearing officer will be in writing and based solely upon the evidence presented at the hearing. An appeal of the hearing officer's decision may be made in writing to a person designated by the President of the University, who will review the record below only if a significant question of policy or law appears to be raised by the case. Further appeal may be made to the Board of Regents, State of Iowa. After a final disposition by the hearing officer, or on appeal, the student may place in his or her record a statement commenting upon the information in the education record and setting forth any reasons for disagreeing with the decision of the University.


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