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Operations Manual The University of Iowa



(Amended 9/93; 9/98; 1/10; 4/13)

Effective April 2013, this policy has been revised. For the most current version without redlining, return to VI-1.

1.1 General
1.2 Special Duty
1.3 Services

The University Department of Public Safety (DPS) operates 24 hours, seven days a week. Public Safety provides law enforcement by state certified peace officers and security services for University personnel and property. Additionally, DPS is responsible for the delivery of emergency communications for the University of Iowa campus. The Department of Public Safety actively promotes a safe and secure environment for all persons who come in contact with The University of Iowa, while supporting the University's goal to facilitate an atmosphere of quality education, research, and service. The Department of Public Safety maintains a well-trained and -equipped professional work force to respond to University needs. The department operates under the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations and University Treasurer.

It is desirable and often necessary for Public Safety personnel -- UI police officers as well as civilian security guards officers employed by DPS -- to be present during University educational, social, athletic, or other special events to provide security, crowd supervision, and traffic control. The Public Safety Department provides these services for any University department or organization upon receipt of a University requisition. The requisition must state the nature of the function, the estimated number of participants, and the hours required. Organizations using these services are urged to consult with the Department of Public Safety in advance to determine how DPS may best meet their needs.

The Department of Public Safety provides a number of campus services. Some of the most frequently used are:

(See also the Department of Public Safety website.)

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