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Operations Manual The University of Iowa



(Amended 12/05; 12/06; 11/09)

11.1 General.
11.2 Parking
11.3 Cambus
11.4 Fleet Services

The Department of Parking and Transportation offers a wide range of services that provide access to and mobility within the University of Iowa campus. These services are offered to faculty, staff, students, patients, visitors, and to other members of the general public. The department consists of three separate divisions: Parking, Cambus, and Fleet Services (see V-19). All divisions report to the Director of Parking and Transportation, who also advises on institutional roads, campus planning and land use, strategic property acquisition, and other transportation-related issues. The department is structured organizationally under the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations and is administratively responsible to the Assistant Vice President for Business Services.

Departmental policies are reviewed by a University charter committee known as the Parking and Transportation Committee (see I-2.8(16)). This body advises on fees, regulations, planning, and other policies that may govern the department.

Parking administers and operates 15,000 parking spaces in more than 100 on-campus parking lots and structures, including cashiered and metered facilities for use by patients and visitors as well as facilities assigned for use by faculty, staff, and students. Most campus parking facilities are designated as multi-use and serve routine daily access needs as well as special events on nights and weekends. Parking activities are managed through three units: Parking Services, Parking Facilities Operations, and Commuter Programs.

11.3 CAMBUS.
The department also operates the public transit system called Cambus, a 32-bus intracampus transit system that provides fixed-route shuttle service throughout the main campus as well as a connection with the Oakdale campus. Cambus services do not require a boarding fare or pass, and are available to the general public. Cambus also provides a demand-response transportation service, the Bionic Bus, for qualifying persons with disabilities. In addition, special transportation services are provided for many University activities, including athletic events and orientation. All vehicles are accessible to persons with disabilities. The Cambus Office is located on Stadium Drive immediately west of Kinnick Stadium.

The purpose of the division of Fleet Services is to provide and manage vehicles for University use. Fleet Services achieves this by leasing vehicles to departments on a long-term basis or renting vehicles on a short-term basis. Fleet Services also has a vehicle maintenance facility, a fueling facility, and cell phone rental on a short-term basis. It is located at 603 South Madison Street.

(See also V-19 Fleet Services and V-27 Parking Regulations.)

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