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Operations Manual The University of Iowa



(Amended 1/14)

Educational materials, including textbooks, reference and study aids, software, audio, video, online access codes, and digital materials that are to be used in the classroom and sold to students, can be requested through the Iowa Hawk Shop/University Book Store. University policy prohibits the sale of any classroom educational materials to students by faculty, staff, or departments. The Iowa Hawk Shop/University Book Store is located in the Old Capitol Town Center. Requests for Educational Material(s) are accepted at the store by telephone, mail, e-mail, and on the website throughout the year, though requests generally are due in April for summer and fall semesters and in October for spring semester. The store can provide information on material(s) selection, availability, alternatives, and price, in addition to publisher and desk copy information. Students may purchase educational materials at the stores, by mail or telephone, on the website, or through other special arrangements with the store. The Iowa Hawk Shop/University Book Store is also an Apple Authorized Campus Store and service provider.

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