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Operations Manual The University of Iowa

What's New in The University of Iowa Operations Manual

Policy changes since July 1, 2013:

I. Governance

I-2.8 Advisory Bodies (7/13)

I-3.6 University of Iowa Foundation (7/13)

II. Community

II-4 Sexual Harassment (8/13)

II-5 Consensual Relationships Involving Students (1/14)

II-10 Violence (8/13)

II-14 Anti-Harassment (8/13)

II-15 Physical and Sexual Abuse of Children (2/14)

II-18 Conflicts of Commitment and Interest (10/1/13; 1/14)

II-19 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources (9/13)

II-24 Memorial or Honorary Gifts (9/13)

II-26 University Employee Health Clinic (4/14)

III. Human Resources

III-3.2 Performance Review for University Staff (8/13)

III-9.3 Criminal Background Check at Point of Hire (11/13)

III-10.9 Clinical Track Policy (9/13)

III-17.16 Exra Compensation for University Faculty and Staff (9/13)

III-26 Educational Opportunities (8/13)

III-27 University of Iowa Tuition Assistance Program (8/13)

III-29 Faculty Dispute Procedures (8/13)

III-38 Taxation of Gifts, Prizes, and Awards to Employees (10/13)

IV. Students

IV-2 Sexual Misconduct Involving Students, Including Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment (8/13)

V. Administrative, Financial, and Facilities

V-14 Ticket Regulations (4/14)

V-22 Travel Regulations (8/13)

V-35.5d Conditions and Use of Facilities: Animals in Buildings (12/13)

VI. Services

VI-19 Educational Materials for Classroom Use (1/14)

VI-23 Office of Faculty and Staff Services (4/14)

For a list of new policies and revisions during the previous year, see Policy Amendments FY2012-13.

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