Some style rules

If you think of the thing as a whole, and the comma keeps sticking out, it gets on your nerves; because after all, it destroys the reality of the whole. So I got rid of more and more commas. Not because I had any prejudice against commas; but the comma was a stumbling block.

Gertrude Stein, How Writing is Written, The Choate Literary Magazine, February, 1935.

Great writers--even good writers--can break the style rules of conventional writing and can make more sense than mediocre writers who follow every rule. But when they do this, successful writers don't simply ignore rules, they make up new ones. Get rid of commas.

Style rules--conventional or creative--give writing the solid base of consistency that the reader needs to follow the sense and find the reality of the whole. You can break the rules, just don't ignore them.

Following is a very good style manual developed specifically for use in The University of Iowa's faculty and staff newsletter, fyi. Its creators have considered some (but certainly not all) of the vagaries to be found in describing life at The University of Iowa and derived these solutions. It is offered here not as a directive but as a guide.