The fyi style manual

Style rules for fyi, the faculty and staff newsletter of The University of Iowa, are based on the following sources:
  • The style manual for The University of Iowa Catalogue of Courses, by Linda Ferry.
  • Webster's Third New International (unabridged) or Ninth New Collegiate (abridged) Dictionary--for spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, word breakage.
  • University of Chicago Press Manual of Style (CMS)--for punctuation, distinctive treatment of words, general publication style.

    A. Spelling

    B. Capitalization

    C. Hyphenation in Compound Constructions

    D. Punctuation

    E. Italics

    F. Quotation Marks

    G. Abbreviations

    H. Numbers

    I. Sexist Language

    N. Usage

    O. Miscellaneous