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David Skorton and Michael Hogan
Michael J. Hogan and David J. Skorton

In the summer of 2004, I asked Executive Vice President and Provost Michael J. Hogan and Senior Vice President and Treasurer Douglas K. True to lead the campuswide effort to create The University of Iowa’s new strategic plan for 2005–2010. It is with great enthusiasm that I now present this result, a focused and ambitious plan that aims to advance excellence in education, research, and service as the University’s highest priority.

I thank Provost Hogan and Vice President True, the Strategic Planning Committee, and our campus community for their vision, commitment, and hard work in helping to build a bright future for The University of Iowa.

David J. Skorton


I am pleased to present The Iowa Promise: A Strategic Plan for The University of Iowa 2005–2010, a document that reflects not only the dedicated effort of the 23 members of the Strategic Planning Committee, but also the thoughtful input of constituents from across the University.

At President Skorton’s direction, I began the strategic planning effort early in fall 2004 by appointing a widely representative committee—co-chaired by Senior Vice President Douglas K. True and myself—comprising undergraduate and graduate students, including the president of the student government; representatives of the Faculty Senate, including its president; staff members, including the president of the Staff Council; and faculty and administrators from several colleges, including the health sciences colleges.

While the committee as a whole began the process of reviewing the University’s mission, aspiration, and core values, subcommittees appointed to draft the individual sections of the plan began their work separately.

The committee held two widely publicized open forums for faculty, staff, and students early in the process—in October, as the subcommittees were just beginning to draft their sections of the plan—and two more forums later, in December, with a draft of the plan available for the University community to review. We posted drafts of the plan as it evolved to a public web site, and invited comments to an e-mail address established for that purpose. I am glad to say that the open forums and e-mail, as well as visits with constituent groups, produced numerous comments and suggestions from colleagues across campus, almost all of which helped to improve the plan.

Thus the plan was vetted across campus, and we received invaluable input that informed and strengthened the document with each successive draft. As a result, I think we have arrived at an excellent, focused plan that will serve the University well over the coming five years.

We have titled our plan The Iowa Promise to remind ourselves, and all future readers, of the twin pillars on which the plan is built: we recognize our potential for greatness—our promise—and intend to realize it; at the same time, we recognize that we cannot achieve greatness except by fulfilling our pledge—our promise—to those we serve.

Michael J. Hogan
Executive Vice President and Provost



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