The University of Iowa Parking & Transportation Department provides two types of service for persons with disabilities. Cambus provides two types of transit service and Parking has parking permits available for those individuals with either permanent or temporary disabilities (eligibility criteria set by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the University Administration).

Demand Response/Fixed Route Transit Service

Cambus provides both fixed route and demand-response transit services. Fixed route access is available on all buses. Demand-response service is provided by the Bionic mini-buses. This transit service is available to the public as well as the University community.

Designated Space in Cashiered Facilities

Parking provides designated parking spaces for the public as well as members of the University community. Issuance of permit parking (both permanent and temporary) for student, faculty, and staff follows policy set by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the University Administration. Public spaces are designated for persons with disabilities in all cashiered and metered areas. To use a designated parking space in a cashiered or metered area, it is required that the vehicle parked display the appropriate placard or license plate (example below). Parking in a space reserved for the disabled without a valid placard or license plate will result in a fine of $100.

Disabled license plate


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Revised: June 20, 2005.