1. You are responsible for all violations by a vehicle displaying a decal issued to you.  If you lend your vehicle, proper operation of the vehicle is still your responsibility.

  2. If you transfer ownership of your vehicle, scrape off the decal.  If you don't, you will be responsible for tickets received by the new owner.  A replacement decal may be obtained if you return identifiable portions of the old one.

  3. The absence of a sign is not permission to park; neither is the presence of other cars in violation.

  4. Put your decal in the proper place (see regulations) as soon as you receive it.  Follow directions.  Do not tape the decal in place.  Your vehicle is not registered until the decal is properly affixed.

  5. Motor vehicles shall be parking only in those areas specifically designated as parking stalls.  Do not take up parts of  adjoining stalls even if someone else as parked irregularly.  Do not park on the access stall lines to the side of an ADA (handicap) stall.

  6. Meters are enforced according to the hours posted on each meter, or on signage at the end of rows or near the entrance to the metered area.  An broken meter is not "free parking".

  7. Before any decals can be cancelled/exchanged or refunds given for prepaid decals, the legible remains of the decal must be returned to the Parking Office.

  8. Student Health and other reserved clinic meters may be used by appropriate patients, providing the vehicle is registered and the vehicle registration is signed inside the clinic.  Meters must be paid.

  9. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator.  You are also responsible for knowing the campus parking regulations.

  10. Lack of space is not a valid excuse for violating a parking regulation.

  11. A lack of signage is not permission to park.  You may only park where there is clear and explicit signage and/or lines indicating a legal space.

  12. There is no free parking on campus.  If you park in a lot without meters or a cashier, then you are not in the right place unless you have a commuter or storage decal and are in the lot to which you are assigned.

  13. An unattended car is parked, even if the flashers are on.  Flashers merely indicate that the car is a hazard to other cars.  This will never prevent ticketing.

Revised: June 26, 2008 .