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Some Resources for Political Photography (Photojournalism)

Book-Length Works

Bezner, Lili Corbus.  Photography and Politics in America:  From the New Deal to the Cold War.  Baltimore, MD:  Johns Hopkins UP, 1999.

Gidal, Tim.  Modern Photojournalism:  Origin and Evolution, 1910-1933.  New York:  Macmillan, 1973.

Hardt, Hanno.  Picturing the Past:  Media, History, and Photography.  Urbana:  U of Illinois P, 1999.

Lacayo, Richard.  Eyewitness:  150 Years of Photojournalism.  New York:  Time:  Oxmoor House, 1990.

Newton, Julianne H.  The Burden of Visual Truth:  The Role of Photojournalism in Mediating Reality.  Mahwah, NJ:  LEA, 2001.

Ollmann, Leah.  Camera as Weapon:  Worker Photography Between the Wars:  An Exhibition.  San Diego, CA:  Museum of Photographic Arts, 1991.

Tagg, John.  The Burden of Representation:  Essays on Photographies and Histories.  Minneapolis:  U of Minnesota P, 1988.

Tausk, Petr.  A Short History of Press Photography.  Prague, CZ:  International Organization of Journalists, 1988.

The World's Great News Photos, 1840-1980.  New York:  Crown Pub., 1980.

Article-Length Works

Cockcroft, Eva.  "Photography:  Art and Politics in Latin American."  Art in America 69 (1981):  37ff.

English, Donald E.  "Political Photography and the Paris Commune of 1871:  The Photographs of Eugene Appert."  History of Photography 7 (1983):  31ff.

Finnegan, Cara A.  "Darkening O.J.:  Visual Argument in Controversy."  Argument at Century's End:  Reflecting on the Past and Envisioning the Future, ed. Thomas A. Hollihan.  Washington, DC:  National Communication Association, 2000.  235-43.

-----.  "The Naturalistic Enthymeme and Visual Argument:  Photographic Representation in the 'Skull Controversy.'"  Argumentation and Advocacy 37 (2001):  133ff.

Grundberg, Andy.  "Ansel Adams:  The Politics of Natural Space."  New Criterion 3 (1984):  48ff.

Hannum, G. Greenhill.  "Photographic Politics:  The First American Photographic Salon and the Stieglitz Response."  History of Photography 14 (1990):  285ff.

Holland, P., J. Spence, and W. Watney (eds.,) "Photography/Politics Two" [book review].  Media, Culture and Society 11 (1990):  499ff.

Nye, David.  "Photography as Communication."  Journal of American Culture 9 (1986):  29ff.

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