Effective June 1st, 2013

Update to Presort First Class Release Dates/Times

Beginning June 1st, there will be changes to the University of Iowa's presort service currently contracted with Pitney Bowes.  Pitney Bowes will be consolidating their sorting equipment to their Des Moines location and will no longer be pre-sorting first class mail in their Cedar Rapids location.

Because of this, as of June 1st the last pick-up from Pitney Bowes that will be postmarked for a same day release to USPS will be at noon.  Any mail metered after that noon pick-up will be postmarked for, and released to USPS, the following day.

Any qualified letters that need to be mailed same day, will need to be delivered to Central Mailing services for metering before the noon presort pick-up time.

UI Mailing Services
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