U.S. Postal Service-approved addresses. For more information call UI Mailing Services, 384-3802

UI Wellness
100 CRWC Rm E119
Iowa City   IA   52242-2010
Union, Student
see Iowa Memorial Union
University Apartments
see Housing/Family Residences
University Box Office
138 Iowa Memorial Union
Iowa City   IA   52242-1317
University Club
PO Box 1068
Iowa City   IA   52244-1068
University College
310 Calvin Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1301
University Communication and Marketing
300 PCO
Iowa City   IA   52242-2500
University Creative Services
300 PCO
Iowa City   IA   52242-2500
University News Services
300 PCO
Iowa City   IA   52242-2500
University Marketing and Media Production
105 Seashore Hall Ctr
Iowa City   IA   52242-1402
University Counseling Service
see Counseling Service, Student
University of Iowa Central Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
83 Chemistry Bldg W
Iowa City   IA   52242-1219
University of Iowa Chemical Dependency Services
see University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
University of Iowa Children's Hospital
200 Hawkins Dr
Iowa City   IA   52242-1009
University of Iowa Foundation
PO Box 4550
Iowa City   IA   52244-4550
University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals
100 Pharmacy Bldg G20
Iowa City   IA   52242-1112
Quality Control & Development
PRL Rm 1
100 University Research Park
Iowa City   IA   52242-5000
University of Iowa Press
119 West Park Road
Iowa City   IA   52242-2000
University of Iowa Research Foundation
see Iowa Centers for Enterprise
University of Iowa Research Park
BioVentures Center
100 University Research Park
Iowa City   IA   52242-5000
University Relations
see University Communication and Marketing
Upward Bound
see Center for Diversity and Enrichment

Urban and Regional Planning
347 Jessup Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1316
Urology Research
100 Medical Research Center Rm __
Iowa City   IA   52242-1182
100 Medical Research Facility Rm __
Iowa City   IA   52242-1183


Van Pools
see Parking and Transportation
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
601 Hwy 6 W
Iowa City   IA   52246-2208
Veteran's Center
111 Communications Center
Iowa City   IA   52242-1502
Veterans Services
1 Jessup Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1316
Video Center
see University Communication and Marketing/Media Production
Visitors' Center
see Admissions Visitor Center


Walt Whitman Quarterly Review
308 English Philosophy Bldg
Iowa City   IA   52242-1492
Wellness Center
see UI Wellness
Westlawn Pharmacy
4189 Westlawn
Iowa City   IA   52242-1100
201 Communications Center
Iowa City   IA   52242-1502
Winter Session
see Continuing Education/Credit Programs
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program
422 Gilmore Hall
Iowa City   IA   52242-1320
Women's Resource and Action Center
100 WRAC
Iowa City   IA   52242-1725
Women's Studies
see Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies
Worksafe Iowa
IREH Rm 126
100 University Research Park
Iowa City   IA   52242-5000
Writers' Workshop
see Graduate Program in Creative Writing
see Iowa Public Radio